Veining in black togo?

  1. Ok, heres my dilemma. I am looking at a bag that is black togo. It seems, at least to me, that the striations are much more obvious than in lighter colors or in other togo bags I have seen. My husband says the bag is great and that the lines are not that noticeable, but to the extent they are, they simply look like natural leather - but I am not so sure I would get used to it. I do love togo though, the texture, the smell, the relative stiffness (a little soft but not too). Given how hard it is to get black togo, I am a little reluctant to pass. Any thoughts, advice? If most black togo is heavily veined, then ok, I will get over it. However if this is more of an anomoly on this particular bag, I guess I would want to know that.
  2. jedimaster, the veining look in Togo is just a part of it. Some other skins have this, too, such as Fjord.

    It can, of course, vary from piece to piece and if the look bothers you, then keep searching for one with less. It's all perfectly natural to Togo, but, like anything else, if it bothers you then you should pass on it and wait for your ideal.
  3. I love Togo, but the veins have always bothered me. If you're going to see that every time you look at the bag, don't buy it.
  4. I've got three items in black togo -- a 35cm Birkin, a 30cm Birkin and a Dogon wallet. The birkins have no visible graining whatsoever, and the Dogon has lots. I'm not a fan of the visible graining, and if there had been another Dogon at Hermes without visible graining I would have chosen that one. I see the graining each time I use my Dogon, and would suggest that if it bothers you now it will continue to bother you.
  5. Does anyone know if togo more commonly comes with veining or without veining? I don't have a preference and would buy either way if I like the bag. My gold togo has no veining at all, but my chocolate does. Just wondering. I once saw a listing of a gold togo Birkin, not sure if it's eBay or one of the resellers, that said something like "the togo is perfect with no veining" which made it sound like they thought veining would make it imperfect, and I know that is not the case. I've also read somewhere here that veining is impossible for the fakers to get right.
  6. is this true??
  7. ^ YUP, very true. I don't mind the veining - I think it adds character. Yes, Togo is much more likely to show it rather than Clemence. And, yes, the fakers never really get it right.
  8. My Black Togo is also heavily veined--bothered me at first, but I actually like it now.
  9. I really like the veining in Togo - makes me want to stroke it :graucho:
  10. And this is what makes horse races -- differences of opinion!
  11. Well I love Togo and Rodeo leather both of which have veining. I have never seen side to side veining only up and down which I think adds to the gorgeous lines of the bags. It makes it more "natural" looking. Especially side by side to Epsom, the veining in Togo just looks good to my eye.

    BUT if you are not thrilled with the prospect - you should pass. These bags are too expensive to not love them completely and just settle if your feelings are so-so.
  12. I think Togo comes with or without noticeable veigns. If you look at the Ulysses agendas which uses Togo, there are ones without a trace of veign. I prefer without veigns myself. I think the veign issue is less noticeable on natural light colors like in natural sable in Fjord leather. If the surface veigns bothers you, I suggests ordering or be added to the wait list for a black Togo without traceable veigns. I think it is a reasonable request and this feature is available in Togo.
  13. i have a black togo with veins as well. but i was not a fan for sure...before i saw the bag in person. i could not resist. and with time, i got used to it. it's not that bad. i was also the same way with the spine on chevre leather. but i'm actually ok with that now as well.
  14. hmm, i think that would increase the appeal to me then. i would have to see it irl. i can understand why it would give someone pause, the idea. but then as pbc says, she used to resist chevre, and you get over it. i did see chevre irl for the first time and i could see how one could 'eventually' get used to it. i think the veins make a leather appear a bit more masculine/rugged.
  15. It Use To Bother Me A Little. Doesn't Anymore...I Definitely Think You Should Wait For The One For You!!!