Veggie Suppliments?

  1. This is for my boyfriend who eats literally NO veggies what so ever. I keep telling him french fries do not count as a serving of potatoes. I have been telling him Im concerned for almost 4 years now, but he clams the mere thought of veggies turns his stomach (we all have weird quirks, right?). I try not to over-do it, he HATES talking about food, but he has finally agreed to take a veggie supplement. I know theyre not the same as actually eating veggies, but its better than nothing. So I guess Im asking what you ladies might recommend? Ive heard of the KidGreenz, but other than that Im pretty lost.
    :confused1: thanks for any advice!
  2. KidGreez are the ones I take--I chew 2 of them daily. It's just easier to pop them in and chew than take 2 large ones. Good Luck finding more information!