1. I was just wondering...Any other Vegetarians out there?? :search: (Lacto-Ovo, Lacto, Ovo, Vegan etc.)

    I'm a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian. (I eat dairy/eggs)...and I've been a "veggie" for 2 yrs.

  2. Lacto-ovo here too !!

    I've been vegetarian for four years now, one month of residence food at the very beginning of university was enough to change me. I've done the Vegan thing for a few months, but I find it so difficult, even harder than going from meat to no meat.

    Yippie for team vegetarian ! :yes:
  3. I'm my own kind of veggie - Lacto/Ovo + fish - no chicken or any other type of meat. I've been veggie for about 14 years.

    FYI - As far as I know, most calfskin/cowhide leather for bags and shoes comes from animals that are already killed for food (not sure about any of the exotic leathers). If animal rights are your reason for going veggie, no need to feel guilty about your leather accessories - unless the entire rest of the world suddenly stopped eating meat.
  4. Me, too, but only for about 3 months now. Can anyone recommend a good veggie recipe website?
  5. I'm a semi-vegetarian. I know for many it's all or nothing so perhaps I'm not welcome here :shrugs: :sweatdrop: . I prefer not to eat meat or fish every single day.
  6. I am basically a semi vegetarian too. I don't eat red meat for health reasons.
  7. Me too! I call it "fishetarian." I've been a fishetarian for about 13 years. There are so many vegetarian options now, especially in California. I never feel deprived. I admit I do miss cured meats. I'm half Italian. I miss eating salami, prosciutto etc. Oh well. My waistline doesn't need fatty, salty meat anyway.
  8. Yep, I thought about the whole Vegan thing in the beginning....but like you's really difficult. Not to mention it's a lifestyle as well.

    I'm happy w/ being a veggie! I was never really crazy for meat so it was pretty easy. I never ate seafood. EWWW! So it was just basically chicken...which right before I went Vegetarian was starting to gross me out...and hamburgers, roast, hot dogs. Which isn't really good for you anyway. Also as far as chicken...I never, ever ordered it from restaurants...I'd only make it at home. I never ate ribs, and steak....maybe once a yr. That shows you how much I like steak. I used to love ham....but that also was easy to give up. I'd only have ham like in a sandwich...and only once every other month maybe?? Bacon..I liked but rarely ate it...never bought it.

    So, for was pretty easy, and just made sense.:yes:

    LOL Ayla..Team Vegetarian!:P
  9. I've been Veggie since I was 8 and I'm now 18, so thats 10 years! I can't really remember not being vegetarian. I don't eat any kind of meat or fish or products like gelatine either. My Mum was annoyed having to cook two meals at first because I'm the only vegetarian in the family, but now we're all so used to it, it's no longer an issue.

    I turned veggie when I visited a friends farm and I saw this big barn full of tiny baby chicks (there were hundreds all crammed in) and they all looked so cute. Then I was told that soon when they were bigger, they'd all be sent off to be killed for meat, and that did it for me - I never eat a piece of meat after that.
  10. I've been a vegetarian for 10 years now. I do use eggs, but I try not to use milk in anything. I always have soy milk at the house, but once in awhile I'll get a coffee drink that contains milk, although I'd never sit and drink a glass.
  11. I like a lil Silk "Vanilla" soymilk in my coffee...MMMmmm....:yes:
  12. Lacto vegetarian here :smile:
  13. Lacto-Ovo
  14. Lacto-ovo here too! Been like this since January 2004. I have never eaten red mead though.
  15. I should probably get some of that and bring it into work. It would be better than the creamer I'm using.:flowers: