vegetarians, what do you eat?

  1. inspired by the vegetarian thread, if you are one, what are some of your favorite things to eat and recipes. i would really like to go back to being a veg, but i'm so picky and have a hard time getting protein. i've tried tofu and hated it and i don't eat anything asian. what are your favorite snacks, too? recipes with meat, dairy, eggs are ok.
  2. has some great recipes! i love to eat all sorts of things, hard to put down exactly. i love indian food, scrambled tofu, munching on fruit or edamame beans, humous, paninis etc. one really yum sandwich is using veganaise mayonnaise, rubbing garlic on the bread, thin slices of tofu, and tomatoes!! yum!
  3. I am a vegetarian. I eat a large variety of things. I love going to Subway(veggie delite.) I also eat vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice, salad, nuts, potatoes, eggs, oat bars, the list continues. Trust me, there is stuff out there besides tofu for us vegetarians(I was never big on tofu.) Also, you can also take vitamins to get the vitamins you aren't eating each day. When I first became a vegetarian, I thought there was nothing out there at all to eat, but then after some time, I discovered great meals with food that I love.
  4. The thing w/ tofu is that it is really BLAND and tasteless by itself. So you really need to cook it w/ tons of flavor (garlic/ soy sauce/ ginger etc) so that the tofu can soak up all the good stuff...on a side note, have you tried the flavored tempeh that is sold in the soy aisle? i find tempeh is easier to cook with as it has more flavor than maybe give tempeh a go in your next stirfry!
  5. My favorite vegetarian dishes are pesto pasta, tofu quesadilla, and bruschetta. You can go to for vegetarian and vegan recipes. I like their spring roll recipe.