Vegetarian feeling guilty for craving meat

  1. I am working in the Middle East, the veg food is OK but there is no real variety and they serve meat everyday in big big big portions.

    I haven't eatan any meat but the smell is so nice.
  2. I know how you feel!! I have been a very strict vegetarian for the past 5 years until about a month ago when my cravings for meat were uncontrollable, my body was telling me that I had to have it!!!! I just couldn't resist!!!!!!! I guess you can say that I am no longer a vegetarian, since I have had meat EVERY DAY since then:shame:, but it is soooo good!! But, I can safely say that I will still refrain from red meat. But, don't feel guilty, if you are hungry for it eat it!!
  3. I've never been placed in your circumstances, but I can imagine for you it would be hard not to try to sneak a nibble. Just remember the reasons you became vegetarian, maybe that will cut the cravings. Also, keep in mind that your body is not used to meat, so eating some will require some adjusting of your body, and it may not be comfortable for the first day or two!

    I've been a veggie for 4 years, and have never gotten any uncontrollable cravings for meat. I find it really hard to be around it actually. I ate salmon for about six months during the 4 years, but decided to give it up as I didn't feel right eating it. I do enjoy the meat substitutes they have come up with, veggie burgers are delicious!

    I wish you luck with what you are going through, and do whatever feels best! :smile:
  4. Do whatever you feel is best for you.

    I agree with the others when I say you must remember that your body may not be used to meat, and you'll get nauseous.

    (If you do decide to eat some, try a little piece and eat slowly. If you don't like it, you don't like it. If you do then slowly introduce it back into your diet.)

    We'll love you either way.
  5. I'm not a vegetarion, but I don't really like meat at all and I think it smells awful and I'd imagine one should be able to ocnvince oneself that the meat smell is not so good with work in 5 years, but I guess not. ;) Do whatever works for you and be happy. :yes: IF you really want meat, try it and see what happens.
  6. lol Hey, when my husband brings home chicken nuggets they smell good to me...but I never eat any of it. I can understand your frustration with no variety if it is anything like the food I had in Morocco. I ate Tajine every single was absolutely delicious by the way...but besides that and cous cous there wasn't much else. Have you asked around? Maybe there is a restaurant or a grocery that might have something else for you. Good luck!
  7. Are you getting enough iron in your diet? I think I read somewhere that if you're craving red meat it could be a sign that you're iron deficient.
  8. You shouldn't feel guilty! Maybe your body is trying to tell you something? I guess it depends on your reasons for being veggie, but if your not too against it maybe you should give it a try? I agree with what Caitlin said about eating a little at a time as your body might react to a huge amount of meat when it's not had any for years.

    What about supermarkets over there... do they have a good selection of foods - veggies/pasta/quorn stuff? for you to make your own with.

    I know how you feel though, I'm always scared if I have a baby when I'm older that I'll end up craving meat. Also my friend who's veggie got her appendix taken out a while back and got told she HAD to start eating meat again.
  9. I think it's perfectly normal to have meat cravings. I've been a vegetarian for over five years, and even though I'm normally repulsed by meat, every once in awhile I'll get a craving for it (just yesterday I had an intense craving for salami - the kind you'd cut up in thick slices and have with cheese and crackers. Weird!). I refuse to give into it because my vegetarianism is very important to me, but if you do decide to eat meat again make sure you do so very slowly.

    And good luck finding some good food!
  10. And don't just try the little piece of meat. Make sure you have the foods you normally eat. Just so you're not trying it on an empty stomach.
  11. I am a new vegetarian (only started last Dec) and yes, I still crave for meat. BBQ chicken wings, KFC, especially when I sit with a table of meat-eaters. And the variety here is yucky too.

    I think I read somewhere not to be too strict with yourself. For myself, I do indulge in shell fish if I have huge cravings. I also find the adage, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" very true.
  12. Just give in.

    Resistance is futile. :borg:

    (One of us . . . one of us . . .)

  13. I have been a vegeatarien for quite a while now, but I haven't had any urges for meat at all, I have lost all interest in it. I am not going to ever switch back as it is something very important to me. I know it probably must be hard, especially with little variety, but think of how far you came and what good you are doing for those little animals!
  14. This is a good point. :tup:
    If done properly vegetarianism is very healthy, but its tricky for most women to get all the iron and protein that they need. You need to be combining things like starch and legumes to get a complete protein.
    You are craving meat because your diet is lacking in something.

  15. I had this happen a few years ago. I hadn't eaten meat in probably 10 years and one day I woke up craving chicken. I really believe that my body needed it. I started eating chicken and still eat it today. That's it though. Only chicken & fish.