Vegetarian bags

  1. Other than Stella McCartney who else makes vegeterian bags?
  2. As far as I know, Stella McCartney is the only R-T-W designer that produces vegan bags; but obviously, some other R-T-W designers produce fabric bags from time-to-time, which, if I was a vegan, I'd prefer to pleather, personally!

    I also wish Stella would make more use of faux suede, as it is far more pleasing than faux leather, IMO.

    I think there's an opening for at least one more vegan designer!

    I put 'vegan designer bags' into Google and found these:

    Crystalyn Kae - distinctively smart handbags, washable leather hobo handbags and totes

    matt & nat

  3. HeHeHe!!! :lol:

    You beat me to it! :yes:
  4. Speaking of Stella McCartney and faux suede bags - I found this:

    Stella McCartney

    I love it! :heart:

    I may just treat myself...! :nuts:

    Edit: Oops! The link just goes to all the bags; I was referring to the 'Mud Himal Hobo Bag'.
  5. Chloehandbags :yes: I'm in a good mood because Liverpool won yesterday.

    There are many indie designers who produce lovely non-leather handbags.
  6. ^ :yahoo: Glad to hear it, PB! :biggrin:

  7. Chinese Laundry Vegan Grommet Satchel bag alternativeoutfitters.jpg
  8. Jane Shilton Angola Bowling bag ebags uk.jpg
  9. Thanks! I'm checking all of the websites out. Matt and Nat have interesting vegan shoes too!
  10. Fetish has some, i think.
  11. as many have already said,

    Matt & Nat

    I see them from time to time at TJ Maxx
  12. Matt & Natt bags are CRAZY soft! I love them!
  13. Wouldn't anything non-leather be "vegetarian"???
  14. yes, but a lot of canvas or fabric bags still have leather trims.

    i have a stella mccartney faux-suede bag that i love. i'm not a big fan of pleather.