Apr 17, 2009
Seattle area, WA
Going to Vegas and staying at Bellagio in April. I just ordered a favorite mm in mono and plan to get a neverfull in March. This is random but I'd like to bring both and was just curious how others handle bringing more than one LV on vacay. Do you leave your others lying out or place in safe? Wondering if anyone has ever had problems.


Jul 5, 2012
Hi there, congrats on both your bags,

I actually took both of those away on my last holiday, I didn't use the neverfull once so it was left in the hotel everyday.

I put it away along with my Chanel, in the cupboard, but not in a safe, there wasn't one big enough to hold those size bags. Your staying in the Bellagio, so hopefully it should be safe enough.


Apr 2, 2013
I go to Vegas a lot and I always bring multiple small bags, LV, Chanel, and Gucci plus my Neverfull. I fit what I can in the safe and the rest I lock in my suitcase or Keepall. I either leave my Neverfull on a shelf in the closet or locked in a large suitcase. Never had a problem. You should be fine. Have a fun trip! And have fun shopping at all the LV stores there![emoji6]
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Jul 5, 2007
I stay in lots of hotels. In your case this is what I would consider. It's the Bellagio in Vegas they probably see a ton of LV so it's not like they are going to see yours and get super excited and think its their one chance to get an LV bag. If it's a small item then I would leave it in the safe. Why not? I would put my iPads and other stuff in there too. If it's a big item, like a NF, I would leave it up on display with a lot of stuff in it. They would have to be pretty bold to take your stuff out and smuggle a NF out of the hotel. My guess is that there is staff watching the staff anyway.