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  1. I am going to Vegas this coming up weekend and I was wondering where is the most "Vegasy" fun place to shop? I have been twice and both times shopped at the Caesars Palace Forum Shoppes boutique. I will probably go back there again. It is so 'Vegasy" with the whole ceiling changing. We might stay at Caesars if they are dog friendly. any ideas? We are going for something for hubby but my only plan there is to pick up some LV in a boutique and just have fun? Besides the Forum Shoppes any place is sorta fun and uniquely Vegas? thanks.
  2. I love shopping at the Shops at Crystals.

    It's over the top's gorgeous inside and all the super high end stores are there: LV, Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Celine, Dior, Tom Ford, etc. The SAs are all super nice.

    Also, you can take the tram from Bellagio down to the Aria/Crystals and avoid the driving/parking situation.

    Love this place!


  3. That looks awesome. I think I will go there for a change with old reliable Caesars as a back up. I am so excited!
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  4. I have shopped ay the shops at Crystals as well twice. I found the SA's to be exceptional both times. I have tried all the other Vegas locations, this is by far the best in my opinion.
  5. Crystals for sure, then try shops at Bellagio (Chanel, BV, LV, Gucci, Hermes) but there's no inventory anywhere like Crystals,-and their CAs are so helpful and friendly; stores are not crowded, you get service the moment you walk in-have fun!
  6. I agree! I love the shops at crystals!
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  7. Co-sign the LV at Crystals. It's multiple levels and amazing to just visit. I love shopping in Las Vegas. I hope you have a great trip!
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  8. I also like the LV at Crystals. Let us know how your shopping goes!:heart:
  9. Have fun
    Enjoy your shopping spree
  10. No one mentioned Wynn/Encore yet—it’s a beautiful property to walk thru.

    I used to get Tea Service at Mandarin Oriental every few months. It’s been converted to Waldorf Astoria. The views of the Strip are amazing from the 23rd floor. If you will only stay on/near Strip, check out Bouchon for amazing food and macarons.

    Patisserie Manon

    near Red Rock Casino (Summerlin) is a locally owned French bakery with amazing cakes. Check out their Yelp.

    Have fun in Vegas [emoji322][emoji322][emoji322]!!
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  11. I went to Crystals. What a nice property. :yahoo: The LV didn’t have what I wanted. A lot of pressure was put on me getting the size she had in hand (which I didn’t want) or she could order the one I wanted . When I told the SA I was going to step out to talk to my hubby for a bit. She got huffy and said “Fine” and began huffingly stuffing dust bags back in the two bags I looked at. :lol: I spent a total of 3 mins of her time. Anyway. I was simply going to ask him if he thought we could come back to pick it up later as we are leaving tomorrow. Anyway. I’m not coming back after that huff. I ordered it online. Can’t wait to get home to it. :love:

    My only 2 negative experiences EVER have been with Vegas SAs. I wonder if they get a lot of people wasting their time and are over it.
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