Vegas Sale

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  1. I posted this on another thread, but thought it might get lost...

    Just got a card in the mail the other day from the Vegas store - Their sale will be from Friday, February 6 through Monday, February 9. 10:00am to 12:00am. Credit cards only. It will be ready-to-wear, shoes, hats, and gloves.
  2. Hi I got the same card yesterday. It says you can call and see what they have!!
  3. I got one, too. I have a call in about a pair of shoes. :heart: When they call back, I'll ask about other things available.
  4. I got too... I am thinking of buying mostly gloves.... Could use more in my collection
  5. Based on your experience what is the percentage off at this sales? TIA:drool:
  6. ^ Thought it was 40% off for most, and some are 60% off? Or was it the other way around? :thinking:
  7. ^^^ :smile: Cute.
  8. Going to Vegas next weekend and was wondering if the Hermes store at the Encore will be open. Anyone know?
  9. i heard they opened just last friday (or the friday before).
  10. Yes, it opened on January 23rd. It's a tiny store!!
  11. Anything interesting on display at the new store?
  12. the sale is going to be this weekend....where at? Only cards? Is that the absolute rule? I'm tryign to only spend money that I actually have saved racking up the CC's!

    Thanks for the info!
  13. Encore store did have something interesting in the window ... they had a sueded croc men's jacket in etoupe. Completely droolworthy. But of course, anything in the window display isn't for sale. But lovely eye candy.:nuts:
  14. ^Thanks! That sounds really nice, especially to the touch I bet. Wish I could get to Las Vegas for the sale, sigh...