Vegas Photos- with paris

  1. Finally able to get these pics to load.. Me with Paris at the Palms restaurant in the Forum..
    I have on my chanel shades on the head of course, with the wallet caviar flap
    and she has the silver re-issue flap enjoy
  2. Fabulous, Loves it!
    Great Pic, Thanks for posting!
  3. A night with Paris huh. lol . Her shirt looks stained and wet.:whistle:
  4. chanel boutique at the bellagio
    the funny thing is I COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING TO BUY !!
    never would have thought that.. lol
  5. how exciting! and you are a cutie!
  6. I have to say that would definitely be rare for me. I would find something for sure.
  7. Addisonshopper, you look fierce! I love your hair!
  8. Thats a nice pic!

    When u mentioned paris in your title i was wondering -- pic of u in vegas with your paris biarritz bag? lol silly me :shame:
  9. ok 1 more pic- sorry guys I got a new scanner/printer/scanner and its throwing my pics all over my hard drive- I got to get it reset..
    when i try and load them it says my files are too too big so one at a time- this is the last though
    even though i got tons of vegas pics
  10. thanks for the compliments all !!!
    now I am going to take pics of the inside of my purse.. lol
  11. Love your pic!!
  12. hey it's paris hilton! haha that would be so weird to see her out and about! great pic!! i'm leaving for Vegas this Friday should be fun!
  13. Not a Paris fan, but I am VERY jealous of your trip to Vegas not to mention your really gorgeous hair! :smile:
  14. You look great in the picture!!!! But her shirt does look wet/stained.

    Was she friendly? Did she mind posing for the pic with you?
  15. Love your pic!