vegas or san fran?

  1. I just threw my daughter a crazy huge 1st bday party on superbowl sunday (370 guests--been planning forever!) and today I woke up and told my DH that he IS taking me on a trip in March. We're between Vegas and San Fran. It's been awhile since I've been to SF so those of you who are familiar which one has better LVs to shop at and why?

    thanks in advance!
  2. Union Square LV is huge. But right next door is the Neiman Marcus and they have an LV boutique. Then, walk about two blocks to the San Francisco Center and you'll be in Bloomingdales which also has an LV boutique.

    Of course, if you go to Las Vegas, then you can hit 4 LV stores on the strip: Wynn Hotel, Fashion Show Mall (LV store plus boutique at Saks 5th Ave.) plus The Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace has a big store.

    You can't go wrong with either SF or LV!!!! I'm from the Bay Area originally and LOVE SF!!! But, I love Vegas, too and my DH and I go to Vegas once or twice a year since we live in L.A. area.

    Have fun shopping!!!
  3. I love the Union Square LV!
  4. Las Vegas just because sales tax is cheaper. 8.5% in SF and only 7.5% in Las Vegas. The LV in Caesar's is the flagship in Las Vegas and is of equal caliber of the Union Square location in SF. Las Vegas is nice because the LV and most of the other shops stay open until 11 p.m. or midnight Monday to Saturday. Late night LV binges are great!
  5. lol. So I've heard! :p

    Oh and to answer the OP's question: I think you should go to Las Vegas. ;)
  6. I am bias since I live in SF but if you are interested in just LV, then SF can't be beat as another poster mentioned that we have 3 LVs in less than a 5 minute walk (Flagship, NM and Bloomies).

    However, Vegas does have alot of fantastic shops you won't get in SF and there is the live entertainment in Vegas. But wine country right now in SF is beautiful.......
  7. The tax is a good point. DH and I went to Vegas last year (the joke in Hawaii is that Vegas is the 9th Hawaiian island). I just love SF. Its my fave city but DH and I have never gone together. The descriptions of SF LVs sound tempting......but Vegas is always open....hmmmm....
  8. SF! because i'm bias like Clake as well :smile:

    but seriously, with the new mall open, bloomingdales, has a jimmy choo boutique, chloe, burberry, dior, and vuitton! inside.

    there's also a burberry store, dior and vuitton boutique as well..which was recently renoviated and expanded.

    the store list is endless...and it's all in one place, downtown (except marc by marc jacobs, he has to be unique and set himself up in fillmore street instead of downtown area)

    versus vegas where the strip is a long walk (IMO)

    and in SF you spend your money but in vegas you can gamble it away before even setting a foot in a boutique!
  9. I think you would get a more well-rounded trip if you choose SF (although I am biased :p). I love the bright lights (and shops open til late) of Vegas, but I can't take more than a few days there. At least in SF, you can get some awesome shopping done, as well as see the shoreline, visit the quaint sleepy seaside town of Sausalito, visit wine country, maybe hit Tahoe, visit the new deYoung museum... :smile:
  10. ive heard vegas has 3.
  11. Vegas has 5 five stores, all on the strip! I've found the salespeople there very unpretentious and helpful. When I asked at the Wynn LV for an item they immediately went to find it at another store without me asking if they could look around. Loved my experience there!
  12. well if sf is your fave place and you've never experienced it with your dh then you should go there!

    AND OMG 370 PEOPLE? for a 1st bday? that's amazing! i don;t even know if i KNOW 370 people! tell us about it!
  13. I would say vegas...but that's probably because I live in the Bay Area and can go to SF anytime.
  14. Union Square