Vegas...MAM or MAB

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  1. hey youre the one that grabbed the other berry MAB from petulia's folly! i remember ;] i actually just went to Vegas a couple of weeks ago and it was RIDICULOUSLY HOT! so i suggest the MAM, less surface area for you to sweat over your bag haha! that is, unless you have lots of stuff to carry with you...
  2. I would vote for tangy. I love this color, but if you are concerned with your bags picking up odors from the casinos maybe try a cute a cheap alternative for just in the casino and your RM bags for everything else?
  3. I suggest not taking a RM at all if you are staying at Casino hotel. The way they design it, you have to walk through the casino for ages before you can get to the elevator. Thus your bag will pick up the cigarettes smoke on the way.

    But if you have to bring one with you, bring the bag one so you can put a sweater in it. The temperature frequency is hugh there indoor and outdoor..Feels like freezing indoor...