Vegas...MAM or MAB

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  1. Hi,

    I'm going to Vegas next week and was going to bring my Tangy MAM but was thinking maybe I should take my Berry MAB (this would be her first time out since I purchased her in April). Which one do you think would be better for me to bring?
  2. Take both! hehehe. jk...i say the MAM coz its smaller and you will be walking around a lot.. or bring another bag coz it will smell coz of all the cigarette smoke in the casinos!
  3. Give your Berry MAB a chance to SHINE :yes: I know it's larger than your MAM Tangy, but at least you will have room to carry a lot of essentials, especially if you need to carry a light sweater or scarf, since it can be pretty cold in the hotels!

    Have a wonderful time & WIN some $$$ :yahoo:

    UPDATE - Good point Armanigirl about the cig smoke..thanks for reminding us about this sad fact...
  4. Tangerine MAM. It's a good color for summer and it's going to be hot there.
  5. Thanks for reminding me about the smoke Armangirl...hmmm maybe i might win big and bring home a couple of RM's. They have a shop there that sells them!!!!!!
  6. Which shop? I go to Vegas a lot and would love to see a RM in person.
  7. Agreed with armanigirl!! Try to NOT take a bag that will reek of smoke once you get out of the casino! If you definitely will be taking an RM- I'd take the tangerine. Like SBC said- its a great summer color!
  8. It is They don't have much..but heck if I buy with Vegas money instead of my own I'm sure I will be able to find something lol :yes:
  9. Thanks! Good luck, i hope you win a lot!!
  10. I will be in Vegas next week, too :smile:

    I think you should take your MAB . . . you can carry more stuff ;)
  11. I say MAM too. Have fun and good luck!
  12. I vote for the MAB because she hasn't had a chance to go out yet. On another note- if I thought my bags would reek of smoke when I left, I'd probably forego taking my RMs to the casino, and opt for a different bag...maybe saving my RM for when I'm not in the casino. Just a thought. Have fun!
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    ^^ ITA with luxemommy. I recently went to Las Vegas with my family at the end of June. I didn't bring my Wine MAM because I didn't want her to reek of smelly cigarettes. I ended up bringing a different bag with me.

    On a separate note, you've had your MAB since April but haven't used her yet? :lol: I got my Wine MAM in the beginning of June and finally started using her now in August. I thought I was the only weirdo who doesn't use her RMs right away. Good to know I'm not alone.
  14. MAB, you will need the extra room. how funny, i'm going to las vegas next week as well!
  15. OMG I am so glad you posted this! I visited that store in the Forum Shops when I was there a few weeks ago, and I could not remember the name AT ALL when I got home to try to track down the bag I fell in love with (that is where I fell in love with the sea green MAM, as I finally found out). That site has now confirmed any doubts I may have had about the color, so thanks! It was such fun to see all those different designer bags in one place!

    I was worried about the smoke smell myself, so I just brought my sig Coach Carly (thinking the fabric would air out easier than leather). If you do bring one of your RM bags, the MAB would be great to put a sweater in, since the weather is hot but the casinos can be so cold with the AC running.

    Good luck deciding!