vegas jewelry

  1. Can someone please tell me what the vegas jewelry is made out of? Thanks guys! :flowers:
  2. You can ask Rebecca she has a vegas bracelet, it's a beautiful bracelet.
  3. I think it's either a gold/ brass mix or gold plated- it can't be solid gold considering the bracelet is about $350 and the necklace $500.
  4. I have the Vegas necklace and I assume it's mostly brass with some gold. I do keep it in one of those "silver safekeepers" jewelry boxes so it stays nice.
  5. The vegas is definitely not in "gold"
  6. I think it's brass
  7. Yup, just gold plated brass. But it's pretty high quality. I've been wearing mine ever since I bought it from Michelle almost 2 months ago and it's really shiny and pretty. Just don't wear it in water, of course, or spray perfume on it. Just care for it as you would with most any jewelry piece...even the Tiffany's silver collection recommends those same care steps.
  8. ^^ thanks for the information. I was going to get this necklace, but Im not very good at caring for my jewelry. :smile:
  9. Actually, it kind of takes care of itself. Like I said, just don't let it get wet or spray perfume on it and you should be fine. I like my jewelry but I don't clean it like I know I should and all my pieces are still nice. I wouldn't worry about it :smile: