Vegas Hotel discount codes?

  1. we're planning a last minute bday trip to vegas in july for DH, and i figured i could beg for a new bag at the same time:idea: i appreciate any help and tips. TIA
  2. thanks sassytina! we got 2 rooms and are so excited. we're bringing babysitters to help out:yes: now i'm going to make a list of all the things to ask for!
  3. NICE!!! I'm going this Sunday...can't wait!
  4. I'm glad the websites were helpful.

    I go there an obscene number of times per year with my boyfriend, since it's such a quick, easy getaway.

    If you need any Vegas tips, let me know!
  5. sassytina - I was also looking to book a Vegas hotel, so thanks!
  6. me too!!!!! thanks!!!!
  7. Yes. I have a trip to Vegas booked every month for the next three months.

    I love craps as almost as much as I love bags.
  8. there are a lot of timeshare presentation deals where they give you free hotel for 3 nights but you have to go to 2-3 hour timeshare presentations. they are not great hotels but they are on the strip.