vegas gambling and hermes

  1. hey guys,

    I have a trip to vegas planned for the end of the week and I am stumped about which bag to bring. I thought of Chanel, Jimmy Choo, LV or one of my Hermes bag (probably birkin). I only want to bring 1 bag but I was wondering if anyone would actually bring there birkin to vegas when they actually gamble. I play slots and tables and I wonder about hurting or damaging the bag. My bag is swift and a 35 and I just wanted to know: If you were going to vegas to gamble would you bring your H bag or would you bring one of your other more worry free bags?:confused1:
  2. I brought my Birkin to LV last well as a Kelly... I think the Birkin could be awkward in the worked great as a "shopping/strolling" bag, but I switched to my Kelly for dining and going out.
  3. ^^ Did Massai stay home?
  4. Forgot...I did play video poker for about an hour w/ my Birkin on my issues, but the smoke just killed me... Kelly would have been easier to hold in this setting...but still, the smoke... That said, my bag came to no harm (including odor) for that short spell...
  5. Are you planning to play slots or table games? If you are going to play tables, I think I would choose a comfortable bag (not birkin)- there's not a lot of room at the table especially when it gets busy.
  6. Yes...she comes out for "travels" my case, LV did not require a guidebook, camera, or true shoulder bag...that is when Miss Massai is most convenient... Hmmm...her last outing was Maui...
  7. I play both slots and tables evenly. Part of me says bring a worry free bag but the other part of me says "take miss birkin on your special trip"
  8. Can you bring two bags? One for gambling and a second for shopping/dining?

    Or...perhaps you will be in the "High Roller" area where space is less of an issue?
  9. I always worry about the security of my bag, and if I could manage holding it AND doing my activities. There are a lot of theives in Vegas and I would worry about losing sight of it.

    And I tend to load up a bag if there is room, and then I'm sorry at the end of a long day of shopping. With at least four major places to shop (Bellagio, Forum Shops, Fashion Mall and Wynn), you'll be wiped out.

    I took my little LV Suhali bag to Maui and it was great! Lightweight, didn't break my arm and fit in my Coach totebag for the airplane. And looked super good WHILE shopping. :p
  10. Hmm, in my mind casino and gambling kinda calls for a dress and a Chanel flap, especially some of the dressier Chanels. But if you are only bringing one bag and you are not a little bag person, that's probably not going to cut it. :shrugs:
  11. i took my 35 black birkin to vegas last nov. i don't gamble so, i was ok. but even if i did, my bag being black would be "under the radar", so to speak. i think i would go with a non-H bag but do bring your kelly either way just for shopping, dining etc.
  12. I take my Birkin to Vegas with me too. But I brought a small pochette to use when gambling! How about you pack a really small bag too?
  13. I was in Vegas in Feb/March and brought my kelly and I found it a bit bulky while I was sitting at the tables, however showing it off in between playing more then made up for it :p I always bring a few clutches with me when I travel, they are so easy to pack, and I also found them much more comfortable to use on the casinofloor.
  14. I love all of the input. I am with you Icechick, I love my bag and part of me wants to bring her no matter how unreasonable. But this is a pure gambling trip. No nice dinners scheduled and I am going with my mom who hates to shop
  15. I would be too worried about an H bag in Vegas...had a bad experience where some drunk lady spilled red wine all over my (luckily non-H) Coach bag. :yucky: