Vegas folks, and others too...

  1. How did you like the SNOW yesterday??:nuts: Its too bad it didnt stick to the ground.

    I have a crazy story that the snow reminded me of...
    Christmas Day I went to the movies and I was in the elevator with some folks from Hawaii and one of the guys told the girl(who was freezing her arse off!), "I told you that you should have brought a jacket, this isnt Hawaii, its Vegas, it gets cold here!" when I heard him say that, I mentioned that it had snowed every winter for the past couple of years and that she was lucky it wasnt snowing! The next SNOWED! :lol: I wonder what she thought when she saw the snow lol!
  2. I am about done with the snow after the past couple of weeks.

    About 2 weeks ago it snowed so bad here it took people literally 4-6 hours to get home in it. Some of my friends had to stay with others. People slept in cars & abandoned them on the highway. It took my step dau 3.5 hours when normally it's 45 mins. We live on top of a hill no matter which way you go. I had to floor my AWD car to get up it inches at a time with plow trucks coming at me & big 4WD trucks passing me as I constantly went into the snow banks to my right. I almost got stuck but then I made it!

    Last week I had the pleasure of spending hours shoveling my driveway 2Xs in 1 day & then it still needed to be redone afterwards. Had I not shoveled no one would have been able to pull in.

    It's pretty if you don't have to go anywhere but unfortunately life & work call.
  3. Florida = no snow!!! :p
  4. What part of the valley did it snow? I missed it! Got back into town in the afternoon yesterday. Oh well, I'm sure we'll see it again.

    BUT, did get to wake up to a broken water main this Hopefully this I won't see again this year.
  5. What snow? I missed it too.
    There's been a couple of times in the last few years when it snowed it reminded me of the midwest snow storms, for just one day though. lol
    I know people too that think its 90 degrees here year round!
    Oueen - your dogs are so darn cute! Were those hoodies christmas pressies? The one in the grey hoodie looks like he wants to kick someones a$$> Love the one with the champagne bottle!
  6. i was in vegas during xmas and no snow! looks like i missed it....... it was awlfully cold though!
  7. :sad:I missed it too!

    But I did see a whole lot of slushy ice from sprinklers on my way to the office this morning! I think I'm going to head back east for a white Christmas next year! Tired of the desert!
  8. ^^^ITA! I'm so done w/ this snow! I was excited to see some melt the other day. Excited to see mud and dead grass!?
  9. Aww, man..I wonder if Im the only on in Vegas who saw the snow?! lol.

    reon: yes, its been FREEZING cold. And the wind doesnt help much either!

    hhaha Thanks! No, not Xmas presents, they have had them for a while. The bad thing about it is, she probably THINKS she CAN kick some a$$!