Vegas Deals? Help

  1. A friend is getting married in Vegas this Saturday, so a group of us decided to head out there and spend New Year's Eve in Sin City. I really want to see some Cirque du Soleil shows, does anyone know of any deals for tix? Any other deals or must see's in the Vegas area would be appreciated as well. TIA
  2. There are typically no "deals" for Cirque shows--just full price. The newer more popular shows may be hard to get seats for since Las Vegas is pretty busy this time of year. I've been once a year for the past 4 years and we love to go!

    Where are you staying?
    Shopping is wonderful there compared to where I live!
  3. Hi Jaz, I've been to Vegas 3 times over the past few years, and I also have not encountered any discounts on show tickets. However, the shopping is indeed fabulous! A favorite spot of mine is the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas (located in Primm, NV). If you google them, you should be able to find their website. Last time I was there, I purchased a beautiful Coach leather satchel in a whiskey color. The bag was marked down 60%, and I believe it was originally in the $400-$500 price range. It's just goregous. I loved it so much I carried it for the rest of my trip and on the plane home! Anyway, this mall has at least 100 different outlet stores and I always find something there. If you are interested, you can catch a shuttle bus from the MGM Grand (and I think another hotel, too) and they'll drive you out to Primm let you shop for 3-4 hours and then pick you up and bring you back to the hotel you left from.
  4. Hi! I was at NM Last Call at the Primm outlets yesterday. It was a madhouse!! They were giving everyone an extral 15% off all purchases if you open a NM card. There were some incredible deals if you don't mind pushing your way through a crowd of people!!!
  5. Wow! Thanks everyone. I will def be spending some time at the Primm outlets. Thanks for letting me know about the MGM shuttle, that might come in handyif the boys in the group don't want to shop.
    I was just taking a shot with the Cirque deal. I found one once for Mystere, but it was a while ago. Also, I know they discount their tickets for their touring shows. I have seen "O", loved it, Varekai and Corteo were good. I'm thinking of seeing Ka, any reviews?
  6. I actually got discounted tickets this summer on ticketmaster for a show in vegas [ ] but it only lasted from summer to sept. 30.. don't know whether they'll do the $50 deal again.. they fairly good seats too!
  7. What fun to celebrate NYE in Vegas! There're also outlets located right in Las Vegas, and are part of the Premium Outlets. Just take 15N and exit 41B towards Charleston. You can't miss it, it's quite a big complex and you can see it off the freeway. As for Cirque shows, my Fiance and I are in Vegas checking up on our vacation home at least 10 wknds a year and we've never been able to get cheaper Cirque tix! We did get a good deal on Le Reve, though! Good luck and have fun!
  8. I've seen 'O" and "Mystere" and loved them both. I hear that 'KA' is the best one out of all of the Cirque shows. I heard that locals get a discount, but I could be wrong.
    I second the outlets at Charleston. I'm heading there today. The outlets at Primm are good, I was there yesterday too and Last Call had tons of Kooba bags. There is also a Nordstroms Rack in Henderson.