Vegas & California in June...

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  1. Im going to Vegas & California in June. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on places i need to visit. Or shows i should see.
    Thanks =)
  2. There are tons of existing threads in the Travel subforum on Vegas and various locations in California if you do a search. Here are a few Vegas threads to get you started:

    Where specifically are you going in California? There are also a bunch of existing threads on Southern and Northern California locations if you do a search.

    Have fun!
  3. I did the exact same trip this past summer of 2009 with my best friend...

    We flew into LAX for 1 week and did L.A, Disneyland and Santa Monica... then flew a cheap Southwest flight into Vegas for the next week (we stayed at the Mirage).

    Any specific Qs ask away... I'm pretty good with Vegas that was my 4th time there.
  4. For shopping, don't miss City Center in Vegas - nice designer shops.
  5. What's the best hotel to stay at in Vegas? I'm looking for something mid-range so not Bellagio or Caesar's...How was the Mirage? I might be going to Vegas in May.
  6. ^^ I like the Mirage although it's not quite as nice as Caesars and not close to as nice as the Bellagio. I think Planet Hollywood is a good bang for the buck plus very centrally located.