1. So I'm going to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday and I have to buy a Chanel since they aren't available anywhere here (Oklahoma). Since it will be my very first Chanel bag purchase, I was just wondering what bag would be the best for a first timer?? Something that's pretty versatile and all that. Anything specific I should look for? You all are pros, I appreciate the advice!
  2. for something versatile and classic, i'd go with a jumbo classic flap in caviar! that's the one bag that'll last u a lifetime!
    happy 21st in advance and have a great one!
  3. yea, classic flap is timeless ;)
  4. Any of the totes are great like the GST and PST and Cotton Club.
  5. If still available I'd go for either the classic flap jumbo or the modern chain tote!
    Have fun!!

    I'll be doing the same thing in jan, only it will not be my 21st birthday..but my 30th...:wtf:

    Ah well, that's why I'm going to Vegas, buy my first Chanel and make it a blast:drinkup:and where else can you do that but Vegas!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks for all the help! I'll be sure to keep you guys posted about my purchase!

  7. i agree with the jumbo flap. But if you think it's too mature for you, you can go for the patent luxe bowler, cambon totes or modern chain totes. Do you have a budget?
  8. I think the Jumbo Flap is very classic (I want one for my first Chanel as well) and GST or PST is very classic as well and I think it is a little cheapre, quote me if I am wrong here.
  9. Those three chanel are just a triad of fun, let me tell ya! Congrats!

    Now as far as a bag is concerned, what's your budget, do you like structured/slouchy, silver or gold h/w???? These will help to narrow the selections down a bit.
  10. I'll say... go to the boutique and buy whatever catches your eyes and makes you drool. Happy Birthday!!!
  11. Oh what a great way to celebrate 21st birthday.... enjoy!
  12. You could do that, but what if they had something in the back...and you wouldn't know about it....
    I've read somewhere in here that most of the time all the 'hot' bags are not displayed in the boutique, but waiting for someone to ask for them....
    Have interpreted it wrong??
  13. first off, let me suggest going to the boutique in the wynn... they seem to have the biggest selection! i bought my first chanel there a few months ago and they had so many great bags to choose from. i agree with the others also, i would go for a GST (PST's are just way too small IMO) or a jumbo. enjoy vegas!
  14. I would go gor a flap, too. They will just be fabulous forever. I have to pass along that there is a SA at the Chanel at the Bellagio named Alexandra who is so knowledgeable AND sweet! Have fun!
  15. how about the silver reissue?