Vegas Bag

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I need some advice if you don't mind. I am going to Vegas and was thinking of carrying my Birkin. What do you think? You think it would be too heavy for all the walking? I am kinda nervous carrying it already.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!!
  2. when i go to vegas, i see a lot of birkins, but honestly, i tend to take a really light, portable bag to's just too darn hot to be hauling anything terribly heavy there! :smile:
  3. i go to vegas just about every month and i never leave home without an H bag. most of my trips have been with my 35cm birkins. but i also bring a smaller bag along for evening use. i think that if you plan on doing a lot of walking (esp in the blazing heat), perhaps you might want to bring a shoulder bag? for me, i just sit at the gaming tables all day long, so i don't worry too much about the bag being too heavy to carry. when i do my shopping, i try not to put too many things in my bag. and when it gets too heavy...that's what my DH is for! haha
  4. I brought my Birkin to Vegas last month but ended up buying a Berlingot on the first day there for daytime sightseeing. While I carried the Birkin at night, I liked having a shoulderbag for during the day.
  5. I carried my plume on my LV trip for 4 days - no problem but it wasn't hot then! Have fun! I did!
  6. I take my Birkin for day-time A Kelly for evening...
  7. I'll prefer anything light for daytime sightseeing. Keep the birkin for night time use.
  8. I wanted to bring my birkin to vegas but like mree I was a lil to nervous. I tend to gamble and I did not want to worry about the bag getting squished or someone smoking around. My birkin is also a lighter color and I think that played a big part in my decision. I opted to bring my black chanel. It was a wise decision
  9. I agree .. maybe bring an Hermes that you can carry on the shoulder for the daytime/walking around bag and then the Birkin for evening/dinners. I live here, and the temps have been scorching hot so don't know how much walking you'll actually do outside, but a Birkin can get a little heavy even after a little while.
  10. Oh right I remember they offered these plastic purse holders at the tables and I said no thank you!! Didn't want my poor plume mangled from that lol!!
  11. Thanks Ladies. I don't plan on walking around in the heat. I mainly will be shopping. hahhaha. Oh and some gambling.
  12. when i was in vegas i carried my 35 birkin around all day while shopping and it did get heavy sometimes but my fiancee was there to help :smile: in the casinos i do get a bit worried setting the bag down or having it immersed in smoke but it survived just fine!
  13. The perfect bag , for me, for Vegas....... the Chanel reissue in the 225 size.
  14. I typically travel with the 35 birkin for daytime and a mini kelly or bolide for the evening - something you can hang on your wrist or hold in your hand without too much strain.

    For longer trips (a week or so), I'll would bring about 3-4 bags - add a kelly 32cm and a plume/canoe.
  15. I'd go with an evelyne for Vegas.