Vegas Baby!

  1. Ok Guys, Serious Ban......

    Starting once I buy my wapity :roflmfao:
    I've decided that the day after Christmas (or at least sometime before New Years) I am going to buy my wapity....

    After that, it's serious ban time!
    I just found out today that in April I will be going to Las Vegas with my mom for a wedding...I am SOOOO excited, I have never been to Vegas before...but ohhhh all the stores, I'm drooling already! I want to have enough money by then for my Loup (but who knows if there will be a price increase that effects the loup from now until April...which I'm sure there will be...I wish my job would increase my pay to adjust with the LV price increases :graucho:) but I'm not sure if I want to buy my Loup in Vegas, I definitely want to buy something at the Wynn store, but I think it might just be something small so I can buy other stuff too!

    Bottom line is...for the first 4 months of next year, I am going to be the cheapest penny pincher on earth saving up for my Vegas shopping SPREE!

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Vegas is fun for all ages, so you'll have a great time there!:yes:
  3. Good plan. :smile: I'm hoping for a pay rise too... to support my LV spending.. :smile: HOpe you have a fabulous time shopping!
  4. Good for you! It'll be worth it and you will have a fabulous time!
  5. Very good plan...yeah for you! Vegas is a blast!
  6. i'm sure you'll have a great time in Vegas! :yes:
  7. When you're at the Wynn LV talk with Edward--he's super friendly (yet still professional), very knowledgable, and very patient. Last July I walked in with just $500 to spend and he spent 2 hrs showing me all the different things I could buy. And when he didn't have the item I finally chose, he called Cesaer's and arranged a cab for me to run over and pick it up on my way to the airport! And when I said I was sorry that he spend so much time with me just to have me buy from Casaer's he said "It doesn't matter whether you buy it from here, Casaer's, or your local boutique. If you buy it you're buying it from me." Meaning of course, that they don't work on commission and his knowing I bought the bag he showed me was enough for him! What a sweetheart!!!! I wish he could be my every-day LV SA!!!
  8. Lushbaby--what are lovely story! When I go to Vegas (always thinking about it, but have not been in awhile), I will go to the Wynn LV and ask for him. So sweet! Glad you had a great experience!:flowers:
  9. oh, I love Vegas!
    You're gonna have the time of your life there!
  10. I want to go here sooo bad!!!! :

  11. haha sounds like a kick-ass plan!! You will have so much fun in Vegas, I didnt even stay that long.. but you should totally go to the premium outlets, they are so fun and cute!! ahah I love being a penny pincher to save for my handbag needs lol
  12. oh my god. i love vegas. i go like every 6 months or so. and the shopping is too die for. they have the best louis vuitton i think in the us in cearars palace. everytime i go i end up getting a new bag. ahh just talking about this makes me want to go. oh they have the best day spa at mandalay bay also. have fun.
  13. Have fun!
  14. You will love Vegas and I'm happy you are going to get the chance. Everyone should go there at least one time. :flowers::flowers:
  15. Congratulations on ur upcoming trip! And great plan by the way 'cos at least u'll have ur wapity to tide u over till it's Vegas time (lucky u)! In the meantime, there's always tpf to while ur time away during ur ban period!