Vegas Baby!!

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  1. My company had their annual event in Vegas early this week. I didn't do too well in the Poker Room at the Venetian where I stayed, so I went to see the new Barneys there for a gift for Cindy. I managed to pick up a lovely top that I think she will love.

    While there I browsed the Balenciaga downstairs and "educated" the SA on the bags, how insane is that? She was kinda blown away that I knew some of the styles, and I realized for the first time how much I really shouldn't know!

    Anyways they have a great selection there in new colours. All the CPs in SGH, Money Wallets in Sky, EB, Sahara, Magenta and Black. They also had a Jaune City. All the bags looked in excellent condition. I saw IRL the flat handle clutches in Black, Saraha and Magenta all with GH. If you're looking for Work, Hobos, Days & Cities, they had them all.

    Neimans across the road also had a great selection of Cities, Firsts and Shoulders.

  2. Thanks for the update Jim.

    I have to say, alot of us can educate the sa's. Its amazing actually how they call these bags by names and in colours that either don't exist or they they can't identify the name at all.

    Thats good to know of a spot to call then that has such a big selection!!

    ps. love the avatar - brilliant idea...
  3. :nuts:WOW! Jim that sounds like an amazing selection! I may just have to snatch up that Jaune city...or maybe a black one...thanks for the info! PS CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL CINDY'S VALENTINE'S DAY PRESENTS IN ONE PICTURE TOMORROW!!! :lol:
  4. Wahoo!!! I live in Vegas and didn't even know that Barneys had opened yet. :dothewave:

    Less than pleased with NM LV at the moment....
  5. Did they have any red cities with RH at NM? I know a Pfer is searching high and low.
  6. any weekenders in vegas at all?
  7. No coin purses in RH? Whatsup with that..

    thanks for all the info!
  8. We're going to be in Vegas next week...where is the Barney's, in the Fashion Show mall?
  9. Its next to the fashion mile mall... its part of the palazzo hotel

    I saw it before it opened its big and beautiful and you can't miss it!
  10. OMG! You must post a picture of you and Cindy wearing her new fabulous top! A group shot is an absolute must!

  11. Yes !!!!

    I would love to see!!!:nuts::nuts:
  12. I just got back from Vegas this past weekend as well. I found the male SA at Barney's to be very helpful (I forget his name though).. but he actually did know quite a bit about the line. He knew all of the style names, etc. They have a great selection of the spring 08's
  13. Thanks for the info. Maybe I will call re: a cp.
  14. Does anyone remember seeing any Giant Envelope Clutches at Barneys or NM in Vegas? I'm on waitlist at Bal NY, but they still don't have them in.
  15. I don't think Barney's had then, although they had a great selection of everything else, including plenty of Cities (yes Red included), Days, Hobos and Weekenders (pretty sure on that). They also had the big flat clutch (surprised how big that was). They also have a good stock of wallets.

    Neimans most certainly had several Envelope Clutches with the Giant hardware. I seem to remember a purple and black, not sure of other colours.

    While Neimans had a fair selection of Firsts, Shoulders, Cities, Wallets and Days. I have to say that Barneys seemed more impressive.