Vegas Baby! Any BBag worthy stops?

  1. Alright friends...I'm heading to Vegas Monday night for a party and will have sometime on Tuesday to shop :nuts: :nuts:

    Does anyone know of anywhere out there that sells BBags?? Would love to make a(nother) new purchace while I'm out there!!!

    There's nothing on atelier.naff about any place in Nevada to buy BBags...

    Help!!!! All that money I'm sure to win (um...yea) is going to be burning a whole in my pocket!
  2. Good question. I would also like to know, I'm going there in july? anyone?
  3. Um, well I haven't really been there in quite a while, but I think the Fashion Show Mall is your best bet (NM and Saks and Nordstrom). There might also be some promising smaller stores.

    If you stay at a hotel though, I'd just ask the concierge (how do they know everything?).

    Also member pursemania posted that Neiman's has some, and Saks very little in the "where to buy Bbags" thread.
  4. NM is your only bet at this time, but they have alot of bags!!!! It's in the Fashion Show mall on the strip. Have fun. Also, if you see that you like the white box, they have at least one more in the back, the same with the Sapin purse (that is one week ago). They had 2 purses on display and the salesman brought the customer a new one from back and she bought it. I asked about the box and a new one showed up, so just so some interest, I've always had lots of help.
  5. Thanks guys...yea, I knew about NM, but was hoping someone may have a great little 'gem' of a boutique that I didin't know about.... ;)

    I'll let you guys know what I find!
  6. Tallulah G used to I know (there's one in Fashion Show Mall), I'm not if they have restocked.
  7. I'm going in Feb. and I can't wait! I hope I can find some good bags, too! HAVE FUN!

  8. Oh yea!!! :nuts: Totally forgot about Tallulah G!! Thanks girlie! That's always a fun shop anyway so I'm sure I'll make a pit stop there regardless of their BBag stock. ;)
  9. I'll be in Vegas in February also, so maybe I stop by Tallulah G if I have chance. Thanks for the info.
  10. OMG, Neiman's in the Fashion Show mall has an INCREDIBLE selection. You will not be disappointed in the slightest; there's a huge range of GH and regular, not to mention a huge array of colors.

  11. OMG!! Really!?!? I'm so excited :party:

    I'm staying at theHOTEL and have most of the day on Tuesday and the morning on Wednesday to play at the shops! Thanks for all the info everyone! I'll post an update on the current stock I find. ;)
  12. I'll be there in Feb 25-28 for my friend's wedding.