Vegan luxury

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  1. other than Stella McCartney, are there any other vegan bags (no leather or wool on any part of the bag)? I’d prefer canvas rather than pvc or fake leather.
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  2. I’m not sure where you are located, but there is a Vegan designer from Michigan called Jenna Kator who makes and designs some very nice bags. It is “fake leather” though. I’ll post a picture of a recent bag I bought from her.
  3. IMG_7670.jpg
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  4. Oh thats nice :smile: I’m eying up stella M and issey Miyake so far but both pvc. I live in Japan. Its really really great for amazing quality vintage and second hand bags. Most are in perfect condition. I only ever buy navy or sometimes very slightly lighter blue. My first two bags are leather but since buying them, I’ve turned vegan so my next ones will have to be in a vegan material.
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  5. Von Holzhasen non leather bags are awesome! I have had two and have one coming tomorrow. They look and feel like leather, are ½ the weight. Minimalistic in style.
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  6. Which one did you get? I was about to buy one when Sezane suddenly came out with a bag in a style/color/size I genuinely needed, so my plans got derailed. I'll need to live vicariously for a bit longer.
  7. I bought the market tote in caramel.
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  8. IMG_1027.JPG
  9. Check out Angela Roi they have luxury vegan handbags they are amazing!!!

    There are more vegan handbag brands but this one is my favorite I’m going to buy my 3th bag from them
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  10. ^ Those look really nice. Stylish and well-made.
  11. I'm tempted by JW Pei lately.
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