Vegan Hermès


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Jul 3, 2006
Yesterday I read an interesting article about a woman that owns a business specially dedicated to corporate/vip gifts. She said she has to be very careful with what gifts she chooses for celebrities, due to their likes/dislikes. She particularly mentioned vegan people.

So this got me thinking... does Hermès offer so-called vegan bags? Meaning bags that are not made out of leather, horsehair etc? And would it also be possible to get a vegan Birkin/Kelly?

Imagine an all-canvas Birkin, or a pleather Kelly... do you think that Hermès would scoff at that such a request?
I don't think they make anything of the sort at Hermes. They make a bag out of latex, it's called Amazonia, but I could see some Hollywood type blowing that up as exploitation of the rain forest. Even that bag has some leather on it.
Yeah.....this is a company that uses materials such as goat, cow, crocodile, ostrich - and used to use anteater, seal skin, elephant hide among other mediums. They also use fur in their ready-to-wear...somehow I don't think they're likely to cater to the vegan community in a hurry. Having said that, you can pick up bags sans leather products (their beach type totes are just canvas, some bags are rubber) - but they wouldn't bother specifically making a bag that would fit the vegan requirements as they make so much other stuff using the animal hides/furs etc - would kind of be a contradiction, really.

Then again, anything is possible at Hermes.........
Hello, to y'all in Oz!!! Aussie!! Aussie!! Aussie!!! Oy! Oy! Oy!

Hehe. I'm still haven't shaken the sleep off.

Thanks, GF! I forgot about those beach bags. I suppose you could also gift someone those beach towels and some of the non-fur RTW, if you want to be PC with those Hollywood types. But, having lived in LA for 5 years, they can be a difficult bunch to deal with. This was over 15 years ago and even then I could find restaurants that had the caloric and nutritional content of their entrees on the menu. Have to watch the waistline in LA, you know.
With all the various skins that H uses, it is really laughable to think that they would cater to vegans.
Maybe those knock off birkins and kellys in rubber from years back??
Better a cloth bag from Target than one of those rubber Birkins! But I admire vegans for their restraint. After all, it's got to be hard to find a bag anywhere that has no leather at all. G-d bless 'em!
Vegan being catered to by Hermes? I don't think they'd accomodate that unless people were vvvvvvvvvvvip.

Hermes believes in using only the very best materials in their bags... pleather and all canvas wouldn't be showing off their workmanship.