Vegan Fashion Blog in The New York Times

  1. I am so excited, my little ole blog, Vegan Fashion Blog, to a mention in The New York Times today:yahoo:. See page two of the article. It appears that cruelty-free fashion is catching on in a big, from Hollywood to top fashion designers. It is a good day for animals all over the world.
  2. Cool I'm really happy for you!! I wish there were more vegan friendly designer handbags.
  3. Awesome!! I am so glad for you! It would be great if more vegan friendly designers were out there. Congratulations!
  4. Thank Miss 2 A. Unfortunately about the best you are going to get is Rampage, Stella McCartney and Guess. But I think that will change soon. As the next generation of vegans begin demanding cruelty-free fashion, designers will have to listen.
  5. Stella McCartney is a big designer with beautiful designs, and she does get a lot of press attention. Hopefully someday other designers can operate the same way as she does.
  6. Very neat! I like the concept of being more conservationist and attempted to apply that same thought with my Jewelry (not using endangered Coral, using recycled jewelry boxes).
  7. The big one with jewel is conflict-free diamonds. These diamonds do not come at the price of human lives. I can't wait to see the movie blood diamond, because it demonstrates the brutality of the diamond trade. It is my understanding that most (not all) high jewelry designers use conflict-free diamonds.

    PurpleKitty22--I love Stella McCartney. Some of her designs do use leather, but most do not. I have had my eye on a pair of the most wonderful canvas boots that she designed.
  8. congrats!
  9. Congratulations.

  10. Hi beganfashiongirl, yes, thats what I noticed. Hopefully that will change. I'm really looking forward to that day!