Vegan bags durability

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  1. Calling to all the people that own vegan leather bags. Is the leather durable? Is it worth the money to purchase a vegan luxury leather bag?

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  2. I know this is late but I have 4 Stella bags and one that I have worn almost daily for the last two years and it is extremely durable. No threads unraveling and no tears and it looks like new. I will get many good years from this bag. Now I have also purchased a vegan Ted Baker bag in the $250 price point that I wore daily that eventually wore out (both the strap and the flap came unglued). I believe I got 1 1/2 years of use from it which was the same wear I would get out of Michael Kors bags in the $400 range. Bottom line is yes a Stella bag will deliver the same quality and durability of other luxury designers like LV (I’ve owned bags from this brand as well).
  3. I think it depends on which 'vegan' bags
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