Vegan/Allergy Kid's Recipes

  1. I'm not actually vegan.. although sometimes I wish I had the discipline.. but I do have a son who will be 3 in May who is allergic to milk and eggs.. among other things.. He is super skinny for his age, due to the lack of healthy/fattening food options available.. and just plain being a picky 2 yo. It's not a concern for his pediatrician.. since he has maintained the same ratio of height to weight since birth.. but I'm looking at everyone else's kids (I'm sure that's like the biggest thing you shouldn't do..) and thinking crap.. this kid needs to put on some weight.

    I was wondering if any of you have any alternative cheese, yogurt.. anything fattening really.. ideas that taste good (we've tried a few that he has said are yucky.. and made me gag too!!!) and are appealing to kids. Oh and he does drink soy milk.. but won't eat peanut butter...

    Also, any substitution ideas would be appreciated.. I have found that 1/2 a banana works as a sub for 1 egg in almost any recipe.. pancakes, cookies, etc...
  2. well i dont know what you've tried, but there is a brand called tofutti that makes things ranging from "ice cream" to "cream cheese" but its all free of dairy, and it seems egg free too. i know vegans are nuts over the stuff. i went to the website and they have a pizza and you can look at the labels and i didnt see eggs listed, but of course if you were to buy anything i would still check it all just to be sure. i've had the cream cheese and its actually pretty good. it tasted almost like the real thing, i noticed very little difference.
    here's the site. i dont know where you grocery shop but i've found some of their things at stop and shop.

    peta also lists tons of vegan foods to help people. this is one link i found but you might be able to find even more if you browse the site.

    hope this helps! :smile:
  3. How about almonds, pistachios and nuts?
  4. If he drinks soy milk, Silk also makes soy yogurt. My younger brother is lactose intolerant and LOVES the stuff.
    Also, i don't know how fond 2 year olds are of smoothies, but you could try making some with soy yogurt (or goat milk yogurt, or any other non-cow milk yogurt, etc), juice, fruit and some sort of protein/whey/soy powder.

    I've only ever used firm tofu, but I've heard good results about using silken tofu in "egg scrambles" and shakes and cheesecake (:graucho:) and such.

    Is it the taste or the consistency of peanut butter that he doesn't like? Because Whole Foods sells a ton of other kinds of nut butters that taste really different from peanut butter: macadamia nut, cashew, sunflower seed, etc.

    You say vegan, but he's only allergic to milk and eggs.. so does he eat meat? Because hot dogs and baked beans have lots of protein and are kid-friendly.. or chicken nuggets (or the fake chicken nuggets called Quorn that are made from mushrooms or something. sounds really weird, but they are actually very good!)
  5. I'm wondering if he eats meat as well... if not Quorn is so so so good! and any of the boca/morningstar farms veggie pretend meats would be good. Alot of it is fattening and tasty. Vegan cheese slices are really good, in my opinion they taste identical to regular cheese slices, so you might be able to do grilled cheese with that.
  6. You should get the book Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World
  7. wat about healthy fats like avocados (maybe homemade guacamole with chips), or salmon (you could make fishsticks for him)
  8. My boy was the same with severe allergy but he grew out of it at age 3. I was so worried and saw a nutritionist every week at the local hospital. he was veggie too! Her best advice....lots of things like lentils, beans etc, mixed with veg and olive oil poured on top....yummy, he used to love it. He did grow out of it just after his third birthday but he still doesnt like milk, ice cream etc because he never got used to it. By the way he is still quite lean but he is a great runner and sportsboy...just love him as he is
  9. Turkey burgers are supposed to be good.

    If you'd rather not serve meat, apparently there are some great garden burgers out there.
  10. I know you asked for recipes, but have you ever looked at Amy's Kitchen products? They make frozen meals and some canned soups that are specifically intended for people with vegan and allergy diets, and they do not use eggs, ever. They make vegan macaroni and "cheese" as well as vegan pizza, to name a few of the more kid-friendly options, and they also have a line of kid's meals. Have to admit that I've never tried their cheese-alternative products but I lovelovelove their other frozen meals. Maybe you'll be able to find something your son enjoys. Website is Good luck!
  11. Actually, he does eat meat.. well.. he eats hot dogs.. but only if they are cut up into the shape of an octopus.. haha.. and he has eaten 2 hamburgers.. but he vetoed them 4 other times. He's soo picky!!! He will do chicken nuggets.. but only the dinosaur shaped ones from Target.. the round ones are ucky. And they don't always have them..

    I did FINALLY get him to eat a peanut butter sandwich yesterday. I found a sandwich cookie cutter in the shape of a dinosaur (he's OBSESSED w/ dino's). I accidentally slipped and said something about peanut butter halfway through it.. so getting him to eat the rest was a battle... I was thinking the vegan tpfers could prob help me a lot though bc his allergies are all based from dairy.

    Haven't tried tofutti.. I figured I would ask yall before I spent any more money on stuff I might have to throw away if he hates it. But I did see a ton of stuff by them!

    I knew you girls would have great ideas! I never even thought about checking out PETA! I dismissed nuts when he was a little younger, but I'll definately have to try those again! I bet he would love some of the sugared ones or the ones with honey..
    He's always eyeing my scrambled eggs, so I bet he would looove those scrambles.. I'm definately going to have to get over my tofu fear though.
    Guac and grilled cheese I would eat if he didn't!!! And I totally forgot about putting olive oils on stuff! Great idea!!!

    I just ordered some meals from Amy's Kitchen.. they actually sound really good!

    I'm soo excited to broaden his food base beyond the oatmeal, apples, ritz, teddy grahams, and "octopus" hot dogs he eats every day!!!! :yahoo:
    Thanks so much!!!
  12. Is there a Whole Foods in your area?

    Whole Foods has a great selection of great, all-natural foods and the people who work there are pretty knowledgable about allergy-safe foods.

    They have these great, all natural frozen chicken nuggets that are delicious! (Just throw them on a cookie sheet, stick them in the oven, and you're all set! And they're healthier baked than fried.)

    And you can feel really good about getting your meat from there because they have really high standards about where the meat comes from and how the animals are treated:

    They also sell a lot of soy milk and dairy free frozen desserts.

    And I don't know if he eats fish, but all of their seafood comes from seal safe providers.
  13. Hi again, Just to be certain, please check with allergy doctor about nuts. My son was not allergic to them but the doc still prohibited them...not sure why, maybe a precaution...
  14. Hi Estella, I'm a holistic chef, feel free to pm me...I might be able to help you.