Veg. craving red meat

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  1. Any of you vegetarians out there crave meat during your pregnancy? I'm not a complete veg, I eat chicken and fish (can't tolerate much of those right now though due to nausea) but I haven't eaten red meat for a couple years now. The last time I had a tiny bite of DH's steak awhile before I was preg., it made me sick. But I'm at the point where everything makes me sick anyway and I'm really just wanting an In N Out burger (yet I haven't eaten fast food in a little over a year either). Will I get even more sick if I give into this because I'm preg. or will I be ok because you usually crave what your baby needs? :confused1:
  2. in n out should be okay, but i'd avoid burger king or any place like that. i was a vegetarian (ate fish, no chick, no meat) for many years before i was pregnant and i was advised to eat meat for a number of reasons. good luck! while you;re at in n out, get some fries and a shake. i miss in n out!
  3. I'm not a vegetarian but my sister is.
    She craved red eat during all 3 of her pregnancies and gave in, eating whatever her body called for:yes:
  4. It is likely your body is craving a certain nutrient and not a certain food. We just associate craving certain nutrients with certain foods. There is little redeeming nutritional value in a fast food burger, so it is likely your body wants what it knows is in that burger (i.e. protein, fat, sodium) and not the burger itself.

    I am veg (I eat eggs and milk, but no meat including no chicken and no fish), and when I had unusual cravings like that I loaded up on protein and found the cravings gone after a day or two.

    But, on the other hand, since you are not strict veg, I don't see the harm an occasional burger would do, especially if you are nauseated and having a hard time keeping food down.
  5. Thanks! I may try it. I'm on a sourdough bread and lemonade kick right now... it's the only thing that agrees with me.

    But that makes sense to just have a lot of protein and iron. Maybe a supplement shake or bar would help. Because, to no suprise :rolleyes: the whole In N Out thing doesn't appeal to me today... haha.
  6. I was a strict vegetarian until pregnant with my first. I began to crave red meat at about 3 months pg, and one day I took my husband's burger out of his hand and devoured it completely.

    As it turns out, I was anemic and was put on iron sups and told to eat red meat in particular. According to my OB, iron is better absorbed in red meat as opposed to fish, chicken, etc. Perhaps you should listen to your body and also mention it to your OB.

    And by the way... Congratulations!
  7. ^^I drank Lemonade almost exclusively while pregnant w/ my twins, I couldn't get enough!
    It quenched my thirst and seemed to take the edge of any nausea trying to come on!
    With my first pregnancy, it HAD to be Jumbo Jack burgers from Jack in the Box! LOL!
  8. Oooh, lemonade sounds good! Are there any other drinks that help with nausea?
  9. when my cousin's mom was pregnant with him she would crave my mom's steaks. she would drive from nj to brooklyn just so my mom would make she a steak..she'd even bring the meat lol