Veet or Nair... tried it?

  1. Does the effect really last twice as long as shaving, as advertised?
  2. Not really... It's just that the hair grows back in patches, depending on how badly you "burnt" them off.
  3. I tried's awful! And yes, it disintegrates your hair. But it definitely doesn't grow back slower.
  4. I have used Nair. It's easy to burn through a whole bottle in one sitting if you're doing your legs. Depending on how coarse your leg hairs are, you might have to really apply it thickly to get the hairs completely burnt away. It smells awful too, and my skin felt pretty irritated afterward.
  5. I used it for a while and I'm definitely NOT a fan. If you leave it on for a second too long it makes your skin all red and irritated and the results aren't really that long lasting. I'd recommend Sally's Wax Strips over Nair.. they're not messy and don't hurt as much.
  6. I tried Nair too, It left my skin irritated.
  7. Nair smells really bad, too. My mom tried it once and it smelled.
  8. I've tried Veet a few times, and haven't had any problems with it. I thought the "bladeless razor" that comes with it comes pretty handy too. I stopped using it though, only because I am sooo impatient and couldn't wait to finish already lol. But I think it's slightly better than shaving (if you don't mind waiting) and less messy than waxing. Just my 2 cents
  9. I actually had an allergic reaction to veet and had to get a prescription for all the itching!!! So for me veet is not good at all.
  10. ^ ^ oh yea, I don't have sensitive skin and haven't had any allergic reaction to anything in my life, so maybe that's why it was OK for me. If you're curious though, definitely try it on a small patch on your skin. Make sure you don't have any reaction at all in 24 (or 48?) hours before you try it all over
  11. nair irritates my skin. and smells awful! i don't think i have sensitive skin though, because most products don't usually irritate it.
  12. Actually, shaving irritates my skin more, so I generally use Nair or Veet... I've gotten past the smell and some of the recent scents aren't nearly as bad as they used to be! It doesnt irritate my skin, but if I shave, I'll seriously scratch until it bleeds which is way worse than the wait and the smell. I do like the bladeless razor Veet, very handy...but I totally used an entire bottle of it just doing my legs! I'm starting laser with in the next couple weeks so then I don't have to deal with either option!
  13. Wow, I swear these hair remover companies profit off of people just buying it once to try it. So far I've only heard one good review!
  14. I tried nair once, and never again. My skin was super irritated, it smelled bad, and whatever you do... do not get ANY soap on your skin after you have used nair.
  15. i like using creams, but it grows back just as fast.