Vectra spray?

  1. I think I am going to get a Speedy tomorrow (finally) :yahoo: ! I bought a purseket for it today. :P And I would like to get something to protect the vachetta but the Wilson's store is kind of out of the way. I went to a shoe repair place here and they had Vectra spray. I know it's recommended by Chanel, but does it work well on LV vachetta? If anyone has tried this please let me know! :flowers:
  2. The only thing I've sprayed on my vachetta is Shining Monkey. It works great!! Doesn't discolor the leather at all and for the lockit I really sprayed it on there too. I ordered it online and got it in about 2 days!! I think it was like 18 bucks for a big can!
  3. Where can I get shining monkey? (sorry to hijack your thread)
  4. Thanks Traci! :flowers: I just hate to order stuff online so I was hoping to just get something from a store. :girlsigh:
  5. ^^ Well, believe it or not, it is car stuff. So maybe if you checked out a car store, where they sell stuff for cars? Like Pep Boys or whatever you have in your area, they may sell it. I only say that one because I've used it, but maybe other ladies here have used something else??
  6. Thanks! :flowers: I will try that. I think I'm going to get the Vectra and "practice" on my luggage tag to see how it works. :graucho: