Veau Mirror

  1. Does anyone has something in veau mirror?
    How do you like it?
  2. I have an agenda in veau m, I love it. It has a great sheen.
  3. Thanks Rose;) !
  4. Spill, what are you thinking of getting??
  5. An agenda.

    Sorry for the typo, it should be mirroir.
  6. Any particular color? Mine is cyclamen (zip gm). I got mine from Lux -all. They have another one on their website.
  7. P - it's should get something in this leather...kinda reminds me of Swift.
  8. I saw it in rouge Vif and Garance. Very beautiful.
  9. Wow, that must have been beautiful! I may have to look in the store at what that leather looks like:P
  10. very nice leather and have the same quality of a veau box. The veau miroir is a little bit more shiny.
    Sometimes we mix up at the shop between the box and the miroir...:shame:
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