Veau Grain Lisse - leather experts?

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  1. Hi Girls....

    Can the leather experts around here enlighten us on Veau Grain Lisse? I saw the Luxwear auction of the rouge H in this leather, and saw Serenity Sue asked about it - I also would like to know, as I'm not too familliar with this leather....

    Looks shiny, seems fairly it $$$$ compared to say, togo? I love the grain on this leather - could be a good contender for my Chocolate Birkin (still have it as togo at the moment).....any thoughts?

  2. Thanks for bringing this up in a new thread, K!:flowers: I was wondering about it all last nite and did a search of the subforum but didn't get much info out of that.
  3. Veau grain lisse is scratch resistant and light, very similar to epsom but the grains are less angular than epsom. Another of Hermes's embossed leathers. I really love the Plumes in box, though.

    Just found this from Hermesgroupie - she is THE leather expert.
  4. Thanks for that, K! Has it got somewhat of a sheen though? Thru my search yesterday, I found a thread on Epsom and read that quite a few ppl here don't really like that leather, stating it looked kinda plasticky or fake even. Does Veau Grain Lisse have that effect?
  5. Veau grain lisse was discontinued in 2002-2003. Hermes soon introduced Epsom as the "new lisse" to replace the old one because the leather was more durable and light-weight.

    Found this, too......looks like it's back to Fjord or togo for me........
  6. Lol, ok.. I think that pretty much answered my qn:smile: Back to concentrating on Togo, Clemence or Chevre for me.
  7. Sue, by the sounds of it, it has a lot of the same properties of Epsom, and i hve seen and felt Epsom, and I'm not a fan of it, either. Shame really, thought I had stumbled upon a new leather for us!!

    From the pic on Luxwears auction, it looks quite 'sheeny' - LOL.....I just make up words as I go.......
  8. yep - I might go with Fjord....I'm 'kelly-ing" in Chevre, so I kinda want variety.
  9. Hope you get your Kelly soon! Would be so great to see your pics, read about your joy, hear about the new smell factor, etc, lol! I think I might make "living vicariously" a career now that I've joined the dark side.:lol:
  10. I can barely tell it from Epsom if that helps. :smile:
  11. I wonder why they changed it to Epsom?

    thanks gt!!
  12. Seems like they are always changing that one category of pressed leather. First Couchevel, then VGL, and now Epsom. Based on their track record, I'm sure Epsom will be fazed out in a few and something new will come. :smile:
  13. Thanks for the info GT!
  14. I have a black Trim in lisse with white stitching and Pall hardware and it is really pretty. I don't think it looks like Epsom at all and does not have that plastic thing going on. It has far more graining than Epsom which looks more stamped. One thing that really grates me is how there are all these fakes on eBay that are listed as lisse but are not even remotely resembling it. The scammers have glommed onto this word and have sullied it by their use of it. As far as Epsom is concerned, the only time that I saw it and actually liked it was in a 25cm potiron Birkin. The same day at the boutique I saw a 35cm blue jean Kelly in Epsom and thought it looked fake!
  15. Ahh, I see.:yes: Thanks for your input, gracekelly!