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Wondering if Caramel has arrived yet..?
It has! Sorry I have been swamped lately and not gotten to take the best pictures yet! The size is fabulous, and I love the interior organization options. I am used to having none without an insert with my LVs. The strap works well as a crossbody extended all the way out but is also very comfortable as a shoulder bag. I like that the strap has such nice details and can adjust to so many different lengths. The interior snap closure is probably my favorite. I usually drive by myself so I really appreciate that I can open the interior one handed and close it back one handed YET it is secure. I hate a snap that takes superhuman strength to open. I also really appreciate that structure of the bag because it does not slouch; it stands on its own. The only cons to me are that the leather was not exactly as plush as I wanted. Do not get me wrong, the leather is amazing however the bag is so light that my brain automatically thinks it is thinner...I don't know how to explain it. I also am not a fan of the interior material. I do not like shiny fabric lining. I am more of a microfiber, suede, thicker textile girl. All of that being said, I would absolutely buy this bag again. The color and hardware are just perfect together. It is so hard to find the perfect caramel/whiskey/cognac brown leather color.

ETA: I really loved the box it came in! Similar to the flap top LV boxes but in a very pretty green.
@Indiana here are some pics for you! I included natural light/sunlight and indoor lighting, plus what fits. It can fit more, but everything shown is all I carry...and no bag distortion!


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Tough choice indeed. Both colours are lovely. Caramel is such a rich tone of brown. To me, the right shade of brown is important for it not to look too mature. I like caramel as a good brown is hard to pass up.
I agree. It is hard to find the "just right" shade of brown. This one's shade is a luxurious caramel and I knew I would regret it if I did not purchase it. I compare this kind of brown to horse saddles, those perfect cognac leather riding boots, and baseball gloves. It has always been my favorite leather color.