Veau Evercalf in the rain?

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows whether this is a leather that can go out in the rain?
    Anyone have any experience?
  2. Sarah - I have had no problem with my evercalf bag in the rain - it was just a couple of drops and I wiped it off immeadiately :smile:
  3. Thanks

    Would you feel comfortable walking around with it in a shower?
    Unavoidable for me, unfortunately
  4. Mine is a Kelly pochette so I could tuck it under my arm and hope for the best... what bag are you looking at?
  5. I have an evercalf Birkin, I haven't tried to go outside in the rain... can't answer that. Can tell you that the leather is AWESOME, so soft velvety and light and beautiful.
  6. it's a shoulder bag from a re seller, no name!
  7. It's Caporal.
    Just 2 down from us...!!
  8. that's such a beautiful bag :love:
  9. Yeah .... I hadn't realised until recently when I checked out the leather swatch. :tup: I even gave the leather swatch a few scratches with my nails, and I managed to rub the scratches away. Somewhat like Barenia!
  10. I'm still amazed by this leather too:smile: it is incredible and just love to touch the leather. It wasn't in the leatherbook in NYC, it made me wonder how available this leater is.
  11. ^^^^ It's available right now in a 25cm Birkin in Havanne with GHW--at the Wall Street Store. And hopefully there's enough in black at Madison to make me a darn new clochette!!

    I am in love with this leather. I haven't let it get wet, but for instance when I am washing my hands in a public restroom and splash a touch of water on it, it wipes off like it was never there even if I don't notice it for a few minutes. It's quite different from, say, Box, where you have to be ultra-vigilant. And the feel of the leather is just gorrrrrgeous! Even my SA at Madison saw it today for the first time and fawned over it for what seemed like forever! (I didn't buy it there so he had never seen it) It was sprinkling both yesterday and today, and my bag sailed along just fine.
    I do keep either a rain protection kit or a big huge plastic bag with me at all times when carrying anything H, though. Just in case of a big storm.

    I find that the plastic bags from Junior's Cheesecake in Brooklyn are the perfect size for a 35cm Birkin, and they cover the handles, unlike the rain protection doohickeys. LOL And they're orange and white stripes! Fun. (See?
  12. C^^ very interesting info.
  13. That 25cm Evergrain is already gone! I called today to speak with my SA about something else, and she mentioned that it was bought today or yesterday.
    Hope a tPFer got it!
  14. I did the same today with the swatch at my store - same result. I'm really starting to like evercalf now.
  15. I have a wide scratch that doesn't seem to rub out. :crybaby: