Vday gift from DH, my very first Bbag!

  1. Ok, I've been waiting for about 1 year before this, because I know Balenciaga is so collectible(so bad for finance:sweatdrop:), and I'm addicted just by looking at the gorgeous pics here. And I swear I tried hard and even quit TPF for several months, but I still can't help it when I found out this beauty at Saks, b/c it is just one word--perfect! :love:
    DH never saw me get so hooked with any bag before, so he surprised me with it on the Vday!:nuts: I am so happy so excited, that's the best gift ever! And I think I'll start saving for my next Bbag.:boxing:
    Sorry for the bad pics, they're taken in a hurry, I'll post some better pics later.
  2. awww congratulations!!!!! i dont have any balenciaga yet either, but im saving up. that was soooo sweet of your dh - it's great when they realize how much bags really mean to us :smile: i hope you looooove it~ congrats again!

    ps it looks reeeally cute on you!
  3. aww what a nice husband you have :yes:

    your EB is very beautiful. all the EB's i have felt have had excellent super silky leather :drool: enjoy!
  4. What a great husband and gift - you look fabulous carrying her - enjoy!!
  5. awwww what a sweet valentine! GORGEOUS first bbag ;)
  6. congrats on the new bag! its so sweet of your DH :heart:
  7. Very nice!!! cOngrats.. Love the PT and the color combo!!!! L:huh:king Fabulous~!!! :tup:
  8. thats beautiful - it looks great on you!! Congrats!
  9. Oh WOW ... that is one gorgeous bag! Looks stunning! Congrats.
  10. You have a great husgand and such a beautiful bag! Congratulation!
  11. Congrats - she's beautiful and your husband is so sweet.

    I don't have any bbags yet, but hope to join the club soon :yes:
  12. OMG.. congrats!! I am waiting for mine..
  13. Thanks for your compliment! It's very sweet of you.
    I was thinking of a EB work or a Magneta city before, but after seeing the GSH PT IRL, I totally fall for it.
  14. CONGRATS!!! The size looks GREAT on you & the col & combo is GORGEOUS!!! It is so sweet of your DH.
  15. That is one beauty of a bag! congrats :tup:.