VDay for long distance relationships... unique florist?

  1. Hi guys,

    My boyfriend and I aren't able to be together this coming V-Day, and I wanted to send him something special. He'd appreciate flowers, but looking at all the normal online florists who deliver... nothing is catching my eye. I want a really unique arrangement... anyone know of any good avant garde type florists who deliver? Or a similar company that does gift basket type things?

  2. if he has a sweet tooth, check out Mrs. Beasley's: dot com never tasted so sweet!

    people kill for their lemon cake!
  3. Boy you are so right! Someone sends us these every year for Christmas. The chocolate marble cake is another one that's fabulous!
  4. EdibleArrangements.com is PERFECT!!

    It's all fruits!!!
  5. Where are you sending it to?
  6. Might want to look into and call local florists where he lives. A lot of the places that the online flower sites have contracts with local florists for those more generic arrangements anyway, so maybe if you find a local florist and go to their website and call them they can put together something closer to waht you're looking for.
  7. If you want to send him something different, try to go to Boldloft - Offical Online Home. I ordered a set of pillowcases to my hubby. I pick the "Say I love You". They have a style called "No matter the miles".
  8. That's a great store, love their products!
  9. Maybe call a local florist and have the arrange something that you specify. That's what I do. I just go to the florist, pick out my own flowers and have them arranged. In fact, I just did that yesterday. Damn I'm a good bf! ;)

    Aside from that. Maybe HarryAndDavid.com

    (oh, and don't forget to email him some 'fun' pics...if you know what I mean)
  10. I used to send lollipops arrangements from a place called The Lollipop Tree, they must have been a franchise because they were in different states. I did them for all occassions and they would really decorate them as fancy as you would like--you can add extras like baby's breath, ribbons, ect.... Very unique and everyone always loved them.
  11. :graucho:

    I'd try the local florist too!
  12. thanks for all the great suggestions...
    and he's in the LA area... I'm in Hawaii. :sad:
  13. This one is perfect fit for you:

    No Matter the Miles: