VCP havana is lost :(

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    I was so excited to order the VCP havana from kataphileo the other day....just got an email that even though they show 1 in stock but can't find it so they are cancelling my order :sad:
    sigh...I guess Im looking for one again, but I do need it to be sale priced

    eta: I already bought matching shoes, so I NEED this bag lol
  2. Oh Sukey that just totally sucks!!!! I'd be so pissed if I were you... grrrrr... I'll keep my fingers crossed that one turns up really soon!
  3. Yuck! :hugs:I hope you find another one at a better price soon
  4. Aw, that is totally disappointing. Here's to another one popping up for you soon!
  5. That is a major drag....and what's with those people at Kataphileo??? Stuff like this keeps happening.
  6. That stinks!! Sorry to hear Sukey. Hopefully you find another one : )
  7. #7 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Sukey - I *think* has one for $419 - they're calling it fuschia patent leather but I'm thinking that must be VCP? Worth calling - I bought 2 wallets from them for Xmas and their customer service was very good...
  8. any idea if there is a coupon code out there? $419 is kinda high
  9. Yeah, it is high... I haven't come across a coupon code out there for them in my travels, but I haven't really looked - sorry!
  10. Sukey, you might ask Kataphileo if they'll offer you another bag at a discounted price since that happened. I ordered a bag from Funky Lala when they had their big sale in November, and although I got the shipping confirmation it never arrived. When I called them, they said it disappeared somewhere along the way to Fedex and they had no more. But, they offered me a choice of several other (higher-priced) bags for what I had already paid to make up for it. I ended up getting a Jenny Yuen Gatsby for $168 -- and this is before they were even marked down on the Jenny Yuen site! I thought that was a really great example of exceptional customer service.

    Anyway, it might be worth a shot unless there aren't any other bags there you're interested in.
  11. Good to know about Funky Lala!!
  12. Wow! That is Awesome customer service from Funkylala! I've never purchased from them before but I won't hestitate after hearing that! Sorry about your VCP Havana Sukey :sad: I know how this feels since I've only received 1 out of 4 items in my last orders directly from HH (one was a VCP clutch wallet).
  13. I will say this if it is Kataphileo, they are very wonderful as far as working with you. I had purchased a LP turquoise patchwork Dylan from Amazon. This bag was long sold out and not available anywhere so I jumped on it for $115. Long story short I got an email that it was sold out and issued a refund. I emailed them my dissapointment, and they offered to substitute a white one instead, even though on their site it was $365. I wasn't interested in white.

    I scanned the site and saw the VCP Havana (so sorry, don't mean to make you feel worse) which was full price. I emailed them back and got a wonderful woman named Sarah, and asked her if they could substitute this one instead. She said she would see what she could do. She came back and said she couldn't do an even exchange, but could sell it for $257 shipped. I had really wanted done, and at the time there were no VCP Havana's discounted, so of course I got it.

    I am so sorry this happened to you, but Kataphileo went out of there way to make iit right I felt. I had used Amazon and paid, and they had already refunded payment, yet when I emailed them Sarah still tried to make it right.

    If it's Kataphileo, and you do for this maybe ask for her, mentioned how you have heard she's helped other ladies, and do tell her you are an member of Purseforum

    Have my fingers crossed for you that you will find you VCP Havana
  14. That is really great service! It couldn't hurt to ask and see what they can do for you.