VCA YG Perlee Bangle or 5 motifs YG/MOP Bracelet?

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VCA YG Perlee Signature Bangle or 5 motifs YG/MOP Bracelet?

  1. YG Perlee Signature Bangle

  2. 5 motifs YG/MOP Bracelet

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi! Since buying a VCA 11 motifs, YG/MOP necklace recently,, I am thinking of adding another VCA item. :blush:
    I have short-listed two items, but I cannot decide which one to buy. :thinking:
    Should I buy VCA YG Perlee signature bangle or 5 motifs YG/MOP bracelet?
    It would be great if you have these items and can share pictures! :peace:
    Thank you in advance of taking part in the poll and for your opinion.:hugs:
  2. Seems like 5 motifs Alhambra bracelet is winning. Thank you to those who have voted.
    Hmm, is it because Perlee is not "signature" enough??? :smile:
  3. do you prefer the feeling of a bangle or a chain bracelet? for me I prefer chain bracelets so my vote is the 5 motif
  4. I have a Cartier YG Love Bangle. I am deciding whether to buy a Perlee bangle or Alhambra bracelet for stacking. :smile:
  5. The perlee bangle is a wonderful piece.
    I love mine.
    It's very comfortable to wear, easy to put on/ take off and it remains so shiny.
    I have a lot of vintage Alhambra and much prefer this bracelet over the vintage but it really depends on whether you prefer a chain bracelet or a bangle.
    I find a bangle to be a very classic piece that will always look just right.
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  6. Thank you for your opinion. Any pictures to share? :smile:
    Both pieces are gorgeous. That is why it is so hard to decide. :confused1:
  7. i personally would go with the 5 motif in this case. i only like the clover diamond in the perlee collection, the plain in all 3 golds just don't do it for me. i tried it on many times and i'm sorry to say, it looks and feels like tin. however, the clover diamond is beautiful. the 5 motif vintage alhambra is a classic and if you ever buy vintage alhambra necklaces, you could layer with it to make it longer.
  8. The clover diamond Perlee bracelet is so pretty but is costs US$29000!!! So expensive.:sweatdrop:
    It was only until I start read the posts in the VCA thread that I realized there are so many opportunities of joining various Alhambra pieces to have length/pattern variation! :tup:
  9. Since you already got your beautiful vca necklace, I would say go for perlee bangle. You can wear both at the same time without being too matchy matchy.
    I love your 11 motif, is this magic alhambra or limited edition?
  10. Thank you for your opinion.
    Mine is Magic Alhambra, not limited edition. :smile:

  11. Thanks. I adore your necklace. Good luck deciding on your dilemma. Such fun :smile:
  12. Dear omniavincitamor, Thank you for your opinion and photos. I was looking for photos of YG Love with YG Perlee. This was the exact combination/stacking that I have in mind! Anyway does the Perlee "overlap" Love and vice-versa?
  13. No problem. Actually, the love in those pics is RG, even though it looks yg. I took another picture of the yg perlee, this time beside my YG love. I also attempted to take a side photo to show how they stack. I've never had any issues with the love overlapping and vice versa, they fit quite well together (prelee is med. and the love is 17). They way they stack will depend on the size of both bracelets. I hope this helps.
  14. Thank you so much for re-posting. :kiss:
    I intend to buy Perlee bracelet in medium sized too, but my Love is in 18cm. ;)