VCA WG Single Frivole Heart Pendant

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  1. I can't locate the current price list--does anyone know what the price is for the WG Frivole heart pendant (single heart)? I've been watching one on ebay for MONTHS and wanted to know if it was a good deal or not. Thanks in advance!!
  2. It is $4500 in the US for the WG Frivole pendant (has 3 center diamonds).
  3. *Jennifer*--thank you for helping out!! But, I'm referring to this one. Sorry if I wasn't so clear:

    I'm assuming its much less. But, wasn't sure what the retail is. Thanks!!
  4. Oh! I have never seen that before.... are you sure it is authentic VCA?
  5. YES! I've seen it at a VCA Boutique, and last year I called and think it was somewhere around the $2k mark? Not sure. It also came in YG, and all diamond. It used to be on their website but perhaps they've discontinued it? Thanks for helping though!!!:smile::smile:
  6. I don't live near a VCA boutique, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was an okay deal. A Sweet all gold is around the same price, and a Byzantine alhambra is around $2600. The listing says retail is $1750, but I don't know how accurate it is. Can you call a boutique?

    You're right though, that frivole heart has been on ebay forever, you might try calling the store direct and seeing if they'd be willing to take a little off if you buy from them directly over the phone, saving them paypal/ebay fees.