VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

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  1. Kimber, have you thought of ordering the small cosmos in the yg pave?
    This way they would have a different feel than your pave frivole earrings.
    They would also coordinate beautifully with your other pieces.
    I've seen them ( in medium ) and they are TDF.
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  2. Stunning
  3. Pave frivole pendant: is this appropriate for everyday or just special occasions?
  4. #34 May 10, 2014
    Last edited: May 10, 2014
    Hi I would think this is good for everyday. I've been wearing it since getting it, though it can be quite sparkly!

    I saw your question about the nid de paradis pendant. Like u, I was considering between that, the frivole pave and also the vintage Alhambra pave pendants. I was concerned whether the frivole would be too bling for everyday but I guess I decided to get it since I really like how sparkly the pave is and the delicate femininity of it.
    I guess it really depends on your style and preference.

    Here are some shots I took while trying the pendants. Good luck with your decision!

    View attachment 2611055

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  5. Thanks so much for your response and the pictures! Very helpful :smile:

  6. Pave Frivole is just gorgeous!!!!
  7. TGG~ That is an awesome suggestion! It would go with my diamond Perlee
    also......I forgot Cosmos comes in YG!!! Now I have to figure out how to
    "make it happen" ........ THANKS! You always have the BEST advice.

  8. Super! They look gorgeous on you with your hair coloring.
  9. Does anyone know the current price of the 10 motif Alhambra?
  10. Your necklace is gorgeous!!!:loveeyes::heart::hbeat:
  11. These look stunning on you Sbelle!
  12. Gorgeous! What is the stone? Amethyst?
  13. Your pave frivole is stunning. Do you happen to know the price of this right now?
  14. I would wear it everyday, if I owned it:biggrin:
  15. :love:So gorgeous! And definitely not too blingy for everyday.