VCA ~ Van Cleef Arpels Discussion thread!

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  1. That's a tough decision! All pieces are beautiful, so it really comes down to what you love.

    Which items do you like more? Imagine you had to choose between some "smaller" items and the perlee clover, which option would make your heart skip a beat?

    If you think you'll get everything on your list eventually, maybe choose the piece(s) that increase in price most?
  2. My apologies if I missed any details along the way. I say this because I don't know if you already have other VCA pieces. I think I prefer some of their other designs more than this one. It also doesn't scream iconic VCA to me. If you already have many of the other ones then I'd say get this but if you don't have too many then I's go for another style.

  3. I would get the bangle first if I could afford it, then get the other bracelet to extend your 10 motif or the frivole pendant since you already have two earrings that would coordinate etc. The clover bracelet especially since it has diamonds keeps going up higher and higher so if I had the means I would take care of that first. Just my .02
  4. I got my small Cosmos ear clips back from VCA (after they forgot to put the posts in). I briefly toyed with the idea of getting the medium because they looked so good on my SA. Thankfully I came to my senses because these are are beautiful and big enough for me.

    I was asked to post a modeling picture, so here we go.


    Sometimes I don't know why I even bother because my pictures are so bad!

  5. Sbelle, your picture is GREAT! By the way, that size looks sufficiently substantial on you, so I think it was the right choice. Beautiful!
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  6. sbelle~ Your Cosmos earrings are amazing and they look beautiful on you! Thank you for posting. Do you have the pave frivole also? Just wondering because I have the pave frivole and have been thinking about the Cosmos lately. I know they are bigger than frivole but wonder how the Cosmos feels on? Are they comfortable?
  7. Beautiful! I think these are a great size on you.
  8. Perfection!
  9. Which ring did you get?
  10. stunning!!
  11. Perfect two cents. :smile:
  12. You're right. While I think the perlee hoops are beautiful, I know I could find similar hoops for less. Vs the others, they are conversation starters as the saying goes.
  13. Wow, stunning! They suit you very well! I think the small size is perfect for you!

    Which pair do you like better - the all diamond cosmos earclips or the diamond/mop ones?
  14. The one I posted from opulent jewelers, :graucho: I have never seen anything like it anywhere.

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  15. Gorgeous earrings!
    Perfect. Love them.