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  1. Stunning! Congratulations on your wedding. May you have a long and happy marriage!
  2. Thank you, Ladies! :hugs:
  3. Congrats!! Your dress, the necklace, everything looks gorgeous!
  4. Congratulations! The necklace looks beautiful on you.
  5. Beautiful necklace for a beautiful day of your life!
  6. You look amazing!!!
  7. This is how I got in trouble (LOL) but I started buying ten multiples of TWO! While I have necklaces and earrings I still have not collected any bracelets.
  8. I thought they did have pink gold with mop..for breast cancer awareness.
    Perhaps it was just a pendant....?
  9. I wear the frivole earrings all the time and always receive compliments on them.
  10. marialc - so so beautiful. congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  11. That's what I am worried about! If I start going down a YG path, I won't be able to stop! At least they are less expensive than the pave pieces :smile:
  12. They are beautiful earrings!
  13. They had earrings with their own little cute pink pouch or box (I cannot recall). I know there was a limit like maybe 5 per store.
  14. You really need a bracelet or two.:graucho:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.