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  1. Sorry to hear that momo. I def wouldn't like that either. I would want the links to be distributed evenly between the motifs and I'm surprised they didn't do that in the first place. I think you should go back and ask them if they can change that since you didn't know or they didn't disclose that info to you. Or see if they can just take out the links and make u an extension piece, that's if they still do that.
  2. Here are my Pave Frivole. I can see that the Cosmos definitely have more diamonds and the shape is different of each petal. But I did not realize how similar they are!
  3. I am obsessed with that Comos ring! It is so beautiful!
  4. i love your pave frivole, i have the large yg version and love mine, though don't wear it much!
  5. I know - I can't believe she had the gall to watermark the photo as her own!
  6. I love this! I also agree that if you're going to match -- then match it perfectly!
  7. ok so it seems like you like to match things. (as do I). In which case, why not buy a single Large motif malachite instead of another 20 motif malachite and buy matching malachite earrings and possibly bracelet as well. A long single large motif seems like it would "shake up" your collection.
  8. I've always been told that everything we do comes back to us.....
  9. I need to learn how to watermark my photos. Guess we'd all better do that from now on. How shady huh? I'd never even consider this- but I bet she ever thought she'd get found out.
  10. I smiled when I read this, Hermes_fan. :smile: It does seem that I like to match things up, doesn't it? I actually don't. I never wear the bracelets as bracelets. I use them to vary the length of my necklaces, which I wear layered. And, I never wear the earrings with the Alhambra necklaces. I am definitely leaning toward malachite, though. :smile:
  11. I would send it back too and say you don't like the way it ended up being uneven. Mention you want to be able to attach it to a ten motif and for it to line up. I'm glad someone mentioned we have to be specific about the lengthening requests. I had a ten motif lengthened but it arrived with the same amount of links and looked awesome. Let us know what happens with this:smile:
  12. Oh, please she knew EXACTLY what she,was doing when she stole those pictures and to steal such recent ones within in the past week or so takes serious nerve. I am discussed by this person. If you are lurking, just please do the right thing and remove any pictures that we both know do not rightfully belong to you. Thank you!
  13. This is not the first time the seller does this. She would buy things from other sellers, use their pics and watermark as her own. I personally know that this seller has even bought a bracelet from a friend that has used it for a year. The seller than used my friend 's pics and watermark as her own, and lie in the listing saying it is brand new never used.

    The seller used to be a tpf member and got kicked out. Go figure. Her real profession I was told a lawyer.
  14. :shocked: A lawyer would do that? oh gosh! I am sure she is using other user name to watch what we say about her here.
  15. So gorgeous!


    I used to watermark all the pics I posted it and then I got lazy. Perhaps now would be a good time to start again. A lot of tpf photos show up when using the image search in google.
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