VCA Van Cleef & Arpels addiction - support group

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  1. Wait!!! Lobe wonder...not wonder bra!!!:roflmfao:
    (although I should check that one out myself....)

  2. Beautiful!!!!!!
    I can't believe you found these!!!

  3. I love these! congrats!
  4. Very pretty, I love turqoise:smile:

    I am not a VCA expert and I don´t mean to offend anyone but the Wood line is awful IMO. Who would want 25 year old wood on their body?:p I don´t regard 25 years as old either. I have older wood in my place, lol!
  5. Beautiful earrings and they look great on you! :smile:

  6. Stunning Cateyes!
  7. You are so funny!!
    I like the wood but take issue with the price for what it is.

  8. texasgirliegirl, avedashiva, marialc121, lovely64, Candice0985, einseine- thank you ladies:hbeat: I hope to do another reveal sooner than later:graucho:
  9. the sweets look great on you. lovely choice with turquoise, cateyes!
  10. Uh oh, someone has caught the addiction bug :p
  11. Ha ha! Yep I have a problem! Or should I say my checking account does...
  12. Thanks kim_mac!
  13. Love-love-love! They look great!!!! What a great way to star your VCA collection!!!!:smile:
  14. I don't want to post a new thread but is there a piece of VCA that you have purchased and now regret/hardly wear??? For me it's the mop ear clips....I wish that I had the onyx instead.
  15. That's a shame-you should sell them and buy the onyx instead
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.