VCA sweet Alhambra bracelet with Cartier love cuff?

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  1. do any of you wear your Cartier love cuff with a VCA Alhambra bracelet?
  2. Yes :smile:
  3. I did, with a love bracelet not the cuff, I don;t wear the bracelet often anymore. I prefer chain link bracelets over hard cuffs and bangle styles.
  4. I apologize...I read your question wrong! I wear my Love bracelet (not cuff) with my Alhambras all the time.
  5. I've only put them together for a mod pic. Somehow I think the Sweets are more delicate and one next to a cuff with potential hard contact would stress me out too much!

  6. Any pics stacked ?
  7. Here you go:




    The last one is with a JUC, but I love how they look together too!
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  8. Disclaimer! That first pic was after I went a little nuts in Paris...I don't ever actually wear all that together! :blush:

  9. LOVE!!
  10. Thank you :smile::smooch:
  11. What color is your birkin??
    Best pink ever!
  12. My dear, your collection is out of this much eye candy :loveeyes::woot::faint:.
    And I love that Cartier Panthere ring on you!
  13. Nothing compared to the fabulous collection above, but here is how I wear my Cartier Love bangle, Cartier rainbow Love ring and VCA sweet Alhambra :smile:.

    Attached Files:

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  14. It's Rose Shocking :smile:
  15. Hi beautiful!!! Thank you! Hope all is well!!