VCA Small charms vs. Rolex

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  1. Hi - I am planning on getting my wife a watch and wanted some opinions.

    We are evaluating a few watches but it has some down to a two choices. A standard SS Rolex Oyster or thé Van Cleef small charms watch (25mm) with two circles of diamonds in rose gold.

    Personally, I am fairly into watches so I lean towards the Rolex since it’s an actual watch vs a jeeey piece. However my wife is leaning towards the VCA...

    She is 5’2 and prefers the size of the VCA
  2. Both are nice watches. I prefer a Rolex personally though. I think it is a timeless classic. But if it is a gift for your wife and she already expressed her preference----then my suggestion is to go with the VCA small charms watch.
  3. Yeap Rolex is a forever watch.
    If she likes men-style watches I would go for GMT Master II (probably in black) which will come out by the end of the year and like its brothers (Batman and Pepsi) will have a huge resale value :smile:
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  4. Rolex.
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  5. I know there a huge number of VCA fans here, and I have never seen any of the jewelry or watch(es) IRL, but am astonished at the prices for tiny looking bracelets, etc.! I am a Rolex lover, I have 5, so of course my vote is Rolex. Somehow, I can pay a lot more for a watch than a piece of jewelry, but that is just my taste. Best of luck in your decision and purchase.
  6. She has to love it... but if it was me I would get the Rolex and a vca bracelet another time!
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  7. 69534261-57B2-44F0-85CF-5C9952B762E1.jpeg Vs. C6A68A60-9E24-4AF9-82E6-381C1289FC64.jpeg

    Can’t go wrong with Van Cleef. This is very special. Very memorable. Rolexes are a dime a dozen, to be honest.
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  8. Does she want a watch for everyday or special occasion only? The VCA is very dressy and not practical for every day or work.
  9. Rolex to be practical. And with numbers. When you get older you will want bigger so you can SEE the numbers and he face more easily.
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  10. My vote is for the Rolex, but if she wants the VCA, that's probably the way to go.

    Who makes the innards of the VCA watch? And from the pic you provided, that watch does not look like it can handle much real-life knocking around, especially the dangling part.
  11. What matters really is what she wants, so I’d go with that.
    VCA is known for its dainty, feminine yet robust design and a polar opposite of Rolex’ masculine form.
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  12. Thanks for all your input -- you all are extremely helpful. I ended up going with the VCA for the following reasons
    • Extremely versatile -- you can dress it up or dress it down. It works very well in all environments with a simple band switch (white, black, blue)
    • It is a woman-first watch. Meaning they didn't take a mens watch and shrink is down like most rolexs
    • Wife prioritizes jewelry over watchmaking -- she is not wearing a watch to go diving -- she is looking for a jewelry piece that acts like a watch vs. a watch that acts like a jewelry piece
    • Unique and not diluted -- you can find a rolex everywhere much like a cartier love bracelet
    • Most of all -- she prefers the VCA and it will go along with her other VCA pieces :smile:
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  13. Perfect!!! VCA watches are works of art. Most importantly she will love it. Congratulations to you both!
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