VCA Ring - need you opinions pls :)

  1. Tried this VCA ring today & loved how it looked on my finger... just don't know if i can wear it everyday or if it is too dressy.. What do you think? At $3,000+, do you think it is overpriced? Would appreciate to hear all of your opinions... Thanks!
  2. It's beautiful. It may not be for everyday, though. I have a vintage Alhambra ring which I can use for everyday. The price is OK. It is VCA, after all. The price just gets higher and higher each year, so to me, it's a good investment for such a classic.
  3. It's a beautiful ring, :tup: go for it . I know it's over-priced but as Jehaga said, It's VCA and the prices are getting higher yearly
  4. $3,000 seems like alot. What are the stats on the stones?
  5. its a beautfil ring .... but not for everyday ....
  6. Depends on how big it is on your hands. Not sure if I would wear it everyday. It is expensive but nothing from VCA is cheap.
  7. I'm not a huge fan of this ring. Sorry!
  8. I think the price is fine. Part of the price is it's uniqueness and the fact that another designer can't duplicate it. VCA has been around forever so it's a nice investment piece.

    I wouldn't wear it everyday as it wouldn't fit into my lifestyle. But it would definitely work for me on special occasions or with just the right outfit.
  9. I really think it depends on how much you use your hands in your daily life. Impossible for me to wear this ring alot when I think about my life. It is expensive for what it is, but gets less expensive the more and more you wear it. Only you can decide how much you will wear it.
  10. I think it's definitely too much for everyday wear, not to mention u might break the petals if accidentally banging into something. It's beautiful for evening events though. The price is fine for vca. it's a great cocktail ring.
  11. I have a friend who owns it and I love seeing it on her!

    I agree that it may not be an everyday ring but it has the impact that very much outweighs an everyday ring each time you wear it. Depends on how you see it....I'd buy it if I loved it!
  12. Incredibly overpriced.
  13. Well, it is overpriced, but you are dealing w/ VCA and it is to be expected. I don't find it to be an everyday ring though.
  14. I have a ring similiar to this with butterflys and diamonds...I can not waer it everyday as it catches on everything (mainly my hair, when I run my fingers threw it!) Its a lovely ring. It is a bit over priced but if you love it....
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