VCA Price Increase May 1, 2016

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  1. Hello my fellow VCA lovers! I got word today that prices are going up on some VCA products. I'm sorry, I don't have details per item or even collection.

    All I know is that the ring that was on my wish list (and my dear SA was holding it for me) was going up in price by $400 or about 2.2%.

    So of course, I pulled the trigger on it today. ( My SA is off until May 2nd so it was either today or I would miss it prior to the increase.)

    If there's something you've been wanting, please do check with your SA to see if the price will increase May 1st.

  2. Yes, my SA also told me about the price increase.
    I just wrote in another topic that I don't want to know VCA's prices over 10 years from now on, lol.
    Congratulations on your ring, which one did you get?
  3. I just checked with my as today and he told me that only high jewelry price is going to increase, the regular jewelry price is decreasing? What pieces that are you getting is increasing the price if you don't mind me asking?

    Are we talking about in the US market?
  4. That's why I say buy now!! :P
  5. Decreasing?! Dare we dream??
  6. In my country, initially was told the price increase would be 1 May but was later told it would be 29 April with only 2 days' notice 😂

    As for price decrease, I enquired on perlee signature and was told price would decrease...

    FYI I'm in Asia, not USA so it could be different for other countries.
  7. I am in Singapore. Yesterday morning I walked in their boutique and was told the new price was effective from yesterday!! I was so disappointed and couldn't really buy anything due to fact I have to pay more. The new price for 6 motif white gold with diamonds sweet bracelet is SGD$13500, up from $13000. And the pink sapphire butterfly pendant is SGD$14500, up from $13700!!!

  8. From the Butterfly Collection. MOP & Diamond Pink Gold BTF Ring. I've wanted this for a while now. Can't wait to pick it up!
  9. :woot: congrats Tulip2!
  10. Haha, I love the way you think :graucho:.

    That's stunning :love:!
    Many congratulations!
  11. Thank you blue! I'm excited too. I've fallen hard for Pink Gold these days. So glad it's so popular at this time. :cloud9:
  12. I checked with my American SA today and she told me that she hasn't heard anything about price increases. She also confirmed that some pieces' price may go down in the USA but doesn't have the list yet.
  13. My SA said today that the decreases would be on fine jewelry (i.e., diamond and other stone jewelery).
  14. Love that piece Tulip2. Congrats. Cannot wait to see modeling pictures!
  15. Go check the USA website, the new adjusted prices are updated. Most vintage alhambra pieces had price decrease!!!!